The NEW Relationship Between Consumers and Businesses

Just as Amazon® has improved the relationship between consumers and retailers, and Uber®  has improved the process between people and getting to destinations, SmartGuy® is improving the interaction between consumers and businesses.

You see, one of the first innovations in the consumer-business relationship was the advent of the phonebook. A simple one-stop easy way to find very basic information on local businesses. 

Then, companies like HomeAdvisor®, Angieslist® and Yelp®  simplified the process by creating online directories to list local businesses, and provide greater information including reviews.

Now, SmartGuy® is taking this innovation one step further by not only providing an online directory but also integrating an exclusive business referral network of up to 1,500 referring businesses.. 

This allows businesses to generate leads from both from consumers and from local referring businesses, allowing them to reduce their expensive advertising budgets and pass those savings directly to local consumers. This in turn increases the business they get from consumers and from businesses.

So how does SmartGuy® work? It’s simple...

Consumers simply visit and enter the city and select it from the dropdown to find SmartGuy® business members listed alphabetically by industry.

Once clicking on the business, it displays their SmartGuy Webpage, often with detailed information, videos. Map, Reviews and more. Best of all - many offer a discount specifically for local residents in their community. Something no often found in other simple online directories. 

As for businesses, they can join in as little as 1-2 minutes and SmartGuy® connects them with up to 1,500 local referring businesses and creates them an editable web page & custom article promoting their  business, that can rank on the FIRST PAGE of search engines like Google, in as little as 2 weeks! 

How much for all that? Only $69/mo (No Contract!) - that is why SmartGuy® is growing so rapidly.

In a time when Search engine marketing companies charge businesses  $500-$1000 or more every month to try and get local businesses ranked, SmartGuy® does it automatically by leveraging the massive amount of businesses joining and connecting them together online and offline.

If you are a consumer, can find a business on one of the traditional online directories and pay retail but why?

If you are a business, Sure you can pay a marketing company hundreds of dollars or more each month to try and grow your business, but why?

Smartguy® connects consumers and businesses in a synergy of success.

For more information, visit SmartGuy at

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