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Who is SmartGuy®
SmartGuy® is a new exciting directory and business referral network that helps small business owners secure more customers and clients. A small business owner can join in just 1-2 minutes 24/7, and once verified can secure an exclusive listing in their local city directory, local city business referral network and can leverage supplied editable web page that can truly rank on the first page of major search engines, like Google®, in as little as two weeks… all for FREE.

  1. FREE Webpage - Creates you an editable webpage that can rank on top of search engines in as little as 1-2 weeks

  2. FREE listing in Local SmartGuy City Business Network - Adds you to your local city network

  3. FREE listing in Consumer Directories - Adds you to multiple consumers directories, such as

  4. FREE Existing Ranked Articles - Connected to any/all existing industry articles within your industry, many already on the first pages of search engines. 

  5. FREE inclusion Industry Groups - Add you to industry groups, allowing you to network with others in your industry worldwide.

  6. FREE Article Widget - Provide you an SEO BOOSTING ARTICLE WIDGET to help increase your ranking on other websites

  7. FREE Integrated Tracking - you can see how many people are visiting your SmartGuy webpage over 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days!