While consumers love the ability to quickly find local quality businesses used and trusted by their neighbors, SMARTGUY® is equally pleased with our member businesses who do their part by providing quality service at fair prices. What do your member businesses think about us?  Just Watch!

“Within 1-2 weeks of signing up, I got 2 air conditioning jobs from local referrals! Love it. Now I am sharing SmartGuy with other local professionals, since the more businesses who join, the more referrals we will all get!" 
George N. - Air Conditioning

“I have earned over $5,000 this month thanks to referrals I got from SmartGuy. Not bad for a $8 a month investment!”
Michael A. - Electrician

“With 40 years of experience and 5 eyeglass locations, I can tell you that 80% of my business comes from referrals and SmartGuy makes getting them easy!" 
Dan D. - Optical Retail

“ I sold about $6,000 in clothes in my first 2 months directly from SmartGuy referrals and this SmartGuy city network is just starting!”   
Charlie C. - Clothing Retail

“What can I say…It works! I get buyer and seller referrals from SmartGuy and use  it to send out referrals faster to painters, electricians, contractors and others.” 
Marty A. - Real Estate Agent

“When I first heard about SmartGuy, my first question was how much do they charge per lead - When I discovered they don’t and that I could be the only residential contractor in the city referral network  for 100 for the whole year, I mean  c’mon…of course I joined!”
Angelo D. - General Contractor

“In the Sanitizing and Sustainability business, I am in meetings all the time. Sure, I can give them a business card, which they will probably throw away, or try and remember to send them an email they may never look at…or…I can use the SmartGuy app to instantly text them  my company information with a  single click…brilliant!”
Pete G. - Sanitizing

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““Great things in business are never done by
one person; 
they’re done by a team of people.”
       Steve Jobs