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Board of Advisors

Captain Leonard “Len” Kaine is a “real deal” Navy Top Gun Fighter Pilot. He began life as an unassuming coal miner’s kid with a public high school education. But with high motivation and dedication, he was able to serve his nation with distinction earning two Combat Distinguished Flying Crosses, Seven Combat Air Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals with Combat V (Valor); Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, National Defense Medal with one Bronze Star, Vietnam Service Medal with three Bronze Stars; a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device and a He as was the youngest Naval Officer promoted to Captain. Later, although selected for promotion to Rear Admiral, he chose retirement with 432 Carrier Landings, over 4000 military flight hours and to focus his time on the Golden Rule Society (his worldwide charity) and family responsibilities. Len has 5 nominations for the Nobel Peace prizes, received the “US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for volunteer service in 2006 and named 2010 Veteran of the Year by US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Joel Griffing - Inducted into Who's Who in American Business Executives. Mr. Griffing was an advisor to then Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush. He is the FL State Chairman for CEO Clubs of America and on the FL Assoc. of Vet. Owned Biz. (FAVOB) Board, and the Golden Rule Society Board, AMAC. Mr Griffing was also engaged by the World Alliance of Mayors after 2001 for 6 years and the Pentagon for the Warriors in Transition initiative for Vets, 1st Responders & their extended families from 2008 to this day.

In the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with virtually all non-essential small businesses being forced to close, one company is preparing these business owners for a massive rebound.

Like a doctor watching the economic blood pressure of millions of its patients drop everyday, Los Angeles based SmartGuy.com is concerned and proactively creating hundreds of new “economic resuscitators” daily, in the form of city referral networks. When their respective city is prepared to become active, SmartGuy can help bring many of these businesses back to life, and stronger than before.

“As they say, we are currently all hands on deck,” states founder/CEO of SmartGuy Jordan Wexler. Wexler continues, “we are currently building 300 city business networks every day that can house over 1,500 businesses. Each must agree to provide great service and refer each other whenever possible.”

Like the biblical Noah’s Ark, SmartGuy is exclusively bringing together one professional in each of over 1500 business categories within each US city. They can join for only $9.95, get listed in the local directory and business referral network, and gain access to their own editable web page that ranks quickly on the top of major search engines.

“The fact is, we don’t believe this is a 30-day issue, or even 60-day issue. When businesses are allowed to reopen, they will no-doubt prefer to open with hundreds of local businesses referring to them on day 1, as opposed to making a huge advertising investment, when they are already in debt. “Look-- we cannot save every business”, states CEO Jordan Wexler, “but we can save millions.”

Small businesses can join in 1 - 2 minutes right over the computer and begin connecting with other local community professionals to prepare for the massive rebound that will take place.

Via its affiliate program, SmartGuy is also seeking budding entrepreneurs who want to oversee their own city business network and earn a recurring monthly income as their city continues to grow.