About the SmartGuy Network

With a domain name older than Google's, SmartGuy® quickly grew to one of the largest
 free online business referral networks in the world, with over 180,000 businesses and 21,000
 city business referral networks worldwide. Now, in order to provide even higher quality
 business  referral groups, SmartGuy has removed the old free unrated businesses and
 has started refilling its city business referral networks with the best local businesses. It has
also been re-branded from "The Exclusive Business Network" to "the Referrals Company"
to better illustrate its primary focus - generating local referrals for its members.

While still limiting its exclusive membership to only one professional within each of over 1,000+
categories per city/area, SmartGuy members need to have a Google 4 star rating or higher
and refer each other whenever possible. In order to assist this process, SmartGuy is releasing its
 proprietary referral phone app, allowing its members within each city the ability to easily send,
 receive, text, call and track their referrals 24/7 remotely! SmartGuy members will also continue
 to get the SmartGuy editable  web page, inclusion into the local SmartGuy city directory and
network, and online promotion via associated listings in their high ranked industry related articles.



“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”
                                                                     Helen Keller