How to Leverage your Small Business

In business, leverage refers to maximizing what you have to go much farther. You can leverage your business using financing; however, like many small businesses and entrepreneurs, you probably have limited financial resources to do so. Therefore, we shall focus on leveraging your business through relationships. 

One of the most powerful tools to grow your business is creating strategic partnerships or alliances. While many small business professionals and entrepreneurs seek the “quick fix” of spamming their information across all paths of the internet, they quickly discover it is ineffective. It is important to focus your efforts on customers that are the best fit within areas you service.

To achieve this, you need to align with other businesses that are in your area and that regularly meet with the same local consumers you want to meet with. 

For example, a local plumber might visit 5-10 homes a day in a specific area and while working, often spend time speaking with the homeowner. Similarly, a electrician in the same area also might frequent 5-10 homes a day also often speaking to the homeowner as they are doing their job. 

Each professional wants the same clients, in this case local homeowners. If they were to create an alliance or partnership and each agree to refer each other whenever possible, both would essentially double their marketing efforts for their target group without spending anything on marketing! Keep in mind, referrals are the highest quality lead you can get, and they are free!

That being said, even if you were an existing business, creating relationships with other local businesses takes time and most businesses are far to busy managing their own business, to take time to develop alliances with others.

A “Smarter” way to Leverage your Business

Just like Amazon® changed the way people buy things, and Uber® changed the way people get around, SmartGuy® is changing the way small businesses and consumers interact.

In over 20,000 cities worldwide, businesses are joining SmartGuy® looking to instantly align with up to 1,500 other local businesses who share a win-win attitude.

“SmartGuy doesn't want every business”, states Jordan Wexler Founder/CEO of SmartGuy®, “we only want the best. Businesses must have a Google listing and rating of at least 4 stars. They must also agree to refer each other whenever possible. 

Small businesses worldwide are joining to be connected with up to 1,500 other local non-competing businesses in their area. SmartGuy®, in turn, instantly creates them an editable web page for them, places them on their local SmartGuy® city page and then markets them direct to the public!

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