7 Ideas on how to Get the Perfect Business Cards

You are going to find what importance your business card holds and what kind of attention it can get for you after you are in the business for a while. Business cards have the potential to make you and your profile memorable; it will also help you immensely in being referable. The purpose of the business card is not limited to getting your contact and work details across and you can make sure yours stand out with the following ideas. Therefore, here are 7 ideas on how to get the perfect business cards

Include Necessary details only

The major information that you need to include in your business card is your name, your designation, your place of work, and why should one contact you. These things seem obvious at first, however, there is a lot of technicalities involved and you need to find out how you can grab the attention of the onlooker through carefully planned words. 

Make use of the restricted space

Do not go fancy with the font, use simpler ones that are easy to read. Make sure you strike an optimal size of the writing that makes it visible and Be Concise. Now you might be tempted to include a lot of things that you think are worthy of mentioning, however, curb that urge. Instead you could stick up a QR Code that links up to your whole profile. It is also an effective way link up your printed and online content. 

Work on the Feel of your Business Card 

The color combination of your business card depends on your type of business and also the design of your business’ logo. You have the leverage of using bright colors in case you have a design and creative sort of business. However, you could still have a perfect business card, with a right content, with just black and white combination. Most people are concerned with the black and white combination giving a dull look, therefore, as a counter to it, you can use embossed letters. Having a 3D effect to your business card will make it worth the attention. 

Visual Communication 

Information bombardment through text is unsettling. Try to use visuals on the business card which will help the reader to get the full idea of the business and what you do. You could give the reader an engaging visual when the flip the card. A perfect business card is all about getting the right feel to the reader as regards the professionalism of the business. So work on your thickness of the card and avoid letting it be thin as it compromises the credibility of it. 

Introduce Functionality 

Another perfect idea for a proper business idea is to prevent it being thrown away. You could incorporate functionality to your business card. There are certain examples out there which transform the card into a pocket in which you could keep things, or it be folded into a sort of stand for your phone. 

Use Die/Cut 

You could add an oomph to your business card by using die-cut process whereby shapes are cut from the card or you could round the edges of your card. You could add several dimensions to your card with this perfect idea as it can add certain miniature architectural features to your business card. 

Apply Special Finishing 

You could get the reader to memorize your card by using a special finish. There are several forms of special finishing out there from foil blocking to metallic inks. This idea can get a little expensive, however, it has the ability to impress the observer with its tactile and visual features. 

By being within the size constraints, there are a lot of things you could do to come up with a perfect business idea that gets your role across to the reader. 

While everyone has personal thoughts on what they like or dislike, we hope these 7 Ideas on how to get the perfect business cards help you in making the right one for your business!

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