Turning Hits into Leads

Competition is growing and the economy is deteriorating, so what do companies begin doing? Reducing print- based marketing efforts, and increasing their online presence. They begin an aggressive campaign to drive consumers to their website.

Although the idea behind this is good, they stumble along the way.  You see, most companies dont realize that just as they spent a considerable amount of money crafting the right print ad message to get consumers to act, they must also create the right website.

Sure, they might be getting massive hit counts by pushing consumers there via pay-per-click, or other methods, but then what? How many hits are converted into actual leads?

Buyers often buy on their first visit

Wrong! Most do not.  In fact, the more information you offer the less of a chance they will grab on and listen. Studies show you only have 8-15 seconds to grab their attention and learn their identity.

The reality is most consumers DO NOT buy on their first visit...you must attract, then entice, then capture or pipeline every prospective buyer...the power is in the follow up, that's where you close the deal and make the money.

The fact is searching the internet is very similar to watching television.  As yourself, how long do you spend on a particular channel when scanning the guide deciding on what to watch? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? The same applies to the internet.

Ask yourself how hard consumers have to search to find out what you have to offer.  Can they find, understand and take action within 10-15 seconds? How many distractions have you placed in the way like navigation bars, multiple links, and other information?

Next, what are you doing to build a relationship? If you are offering a free service, it is not as critical. But if you are charging $100, $200 or more for your services, what are you doing to build that relationship? Businesses are learning that the first step is having the right landing page - a place where customers discover what is in it for them, identify your credentials, and determine value.

Will any Landing Page work?

A simple landing page is better than nothing, but there is a new technology that is "supercharging" landing pages and doubling the conversion rate. It involves using a carefully crafted message, the latest eye catching technology, proper imaging and sounds, and high production value.

This coupled with the latest lead capture and verification technology can lead to double digit conversion rates.  There are a number of companies offering video production and other eye-catching tools to attract consumers, but be sure to use a company that specializes in converting "hits" into "leads." After-all, you don't make money from "hits", buy you can  make money from "leads."

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