Take Action Now and Achieve Your Goals Sooner

Wouldn t it be great if you could have everything you want magically appear with the snap of a finger?  Like the old adage says, "You can't get something for nothing."  The only secret to achieving your goals comes down to one main thing -- taking action.  There isn't some magic code that is only given to a select few at birth - achieving your goals is an inherent ability in all of us.  You can achieve absolutely every goal you imagine, you only need to get moving.  One of the benefits of taking action is that your movement is the very thing that bridges the gap between imagining a dream and manifesting it.  Acti>

That's not to say that the road to goal achievement is free of challenges, and it's rarely a breeze, but if you ask anyone if their hard work was worth it in the end, they would say yes.  The benefits of taking action far outweigh living a life that is using only a fraction of your potential and living with regret.  You can go from living a life you feel controlled in, to living a life you feel in control of.  When you realize the power you hold and the benefits of taking action, your life will never be the same.

At this very moment, you have 3 choices in life:

1. Give up on ever achieving your goals.
2. At some later time you might get serious about taking action and pursue your goals.
3. Achieve your goals now and realize your dreams!

1. Sometimes it's easier not to work hard to achieve your goals because you just aren't willing to do what it takes - and that's okay if that's really your choice. Fear of failure and disappointment keep us trapped in a mediocre life that is so much less than we deserve.  You were born with the potential to succeed and anyone that has told you differently is just plain wrong.  If you knew you were born for success and that achieving your goals is what you were made to do, would it make it easier to justify the pursuit of them?  The truth is your success is inevitable.  Failure is just something we learned from our environment - and is not part of our inherent nature.  So now you know you were born for greatness.  You only get one chance in life - make it a fantastic one!

2. If you're in this category, that's good - but you might as well go for #3.  The gap between #1 and #2 is the greatest, so if you're here, you've done half the work.  Do this quick exercise: If you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?  Close your eyes and imagine having what you want...feel it, be in it, and breathe it in.  Now tell me how delaying that good feeling could possibly benefit you.  You deserve everything you are imagining.  Quit thinking and talking about doing it and just do it!

3. Congratulations!  If you are in this category you already feel the fire and know you want more. So let's get to work!

Remove the Words Can't, Try, and Maybe From Your Vocabulary
 There is no such thing as, try.  Either you do or don't.  Commit to achieving your goals or don't - it really is that simple.  You were born for greatness and trying to achieve your goals is not the same as committing to achieve them.

Fear is Not an Excuse
 Fear is never an excuse for not taking action.  You are exactly where you are right now because you have been too fearful to step outside your comfort zone.  To get to where you want to be - you have to feel the fear and do it anyway.  After you take action, you will wonder what you were so afraid of in the first place. The fear is only temporary, while the benefits of taking action last forever.

Taking Action Creates Support
 The minute you start taking action to achieve your goals, people will rush to support you - but they have to know you are serious and mean business.  The support of friends and associates, and even unlikely opportunities will all come to your rescue as soon as you show everyone you are committed to achieving your goals.

Quit Talking the Talk - and Start Walking the Walk
 Talking about taking action and actually taking action is not the same thing.  You have to get busy if you want to get to where you want to be.  The sooner you get walking, the sooner you'll get there.  If you want to achieve your goals within the timeframe you desire, quit wasting time and procrastinating. Start today by just doing what you know you need to do.

Life is not a predetermined set of circumstances - it is what you make of it.  When you commit to achieving your goals, you realize how much power you really have.  And to see the benefits of taking action - you have to start.  Have faith that were programmed for success and you are already equipped with everything you need to get to where you want to be.  Keep your focus on your goals and know that the benefits of taking action are so much bigger than anything you have to do to get there.

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