Cooler Cups The Promotional Friend For The Small Business

Cooler Cups, also known as Koozies (or coasties, huggies, huggers, etc.), are probably one of your best friends when it comes to your business and its promotion.  If you aren't familiar with personalized cooler cups, you should get acquainted soon.  You've probably run into them at parties, at the race track, at sporting events; some hosts have even used them as souvenirs at kid’s birthday parties and extremely informal weddings.  

They are basically a sleeve that wraps itself around a can of soda or beer.  It zips up like a little jacket, and keeps drinks refreshingly cold for hours.  They're very flashy, depending on the primary colors used to manufacture them, and the nicest thing about them is that they're quite inexpensive.  

A single personalized Koozie will run you about 99 cents, if you order in bulk, and they can be designed in any color and with any logo (or pattern, list, joke or caricature).   There are multiple websites out there (among them that are delighted to run up orders in any quantity for you. 

Well, you think, that's nice.  Now back to business.   Don't close your mind, because these little devices can be terrific promotional gadgets, if they're "marketed" correctly.  No, you're not going to re-sell them, but you are going to use them for business promotion. 

Let's say your business has bought a booth at the big convention, and, because you're a fledgling CEO with a new label, you have the humiliating experience of parking all your promotional stuff on the tables in the back of the hall.  Swallow your pride and make sure you have plenty of Cooler Cups out with your company colors, company logo and maybe even a drawing of the product or the company slogan - remember these cost you less than a buck each. 

Now it's time to be the friendly, generous guy at the convention, the one who does NOT hand out a pamphlet or a sales pitch to a prospective customer, but a company - personalized Cooler Cup (which you nickname the "CC" for good luck).   The customer is appreciative, because these things do look nice, as if they cost a lot more than they really did. 

Customers keep their beers and drinks cold in your CC, and they keep on keeping them in there because these things are made of insulated material that lasts very nicely - some say they stay good for years. That means every time a customer sips a beer or a drink (by the way, they make these things to fit glasses and bottles also), he’s looking at your logo.  It’s staring him in the face at the convention, at work the next day or maybe even in his home.  

That's weeks, maybe months, of free advertising for your company and products, and you got it free because they got the CC free.   Your business starts to build, it becomes recognizable as a label and logo, and people start buying what you're selling. Before you know it, your table's in the front of the hall.  

So consider Cooler Cups as your business promotion; they might move you right up in the business world.

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