8 Ways to Host a Successful Business Mixer

Business mixers can be a great way of forging new connections and growing your network. They can also help your strengthen your links with people you already know. If you are thinking of planning one, go ahead, and do so. Just remember that you want your guests to leave the mixer remembering in you a positive light. So, what can you do to make your next successful business mixer a total success? Here are more than 8 ways to host a successful business mixer:

Business exposure

A great way to build business exposure is by hosting the mixture in your office. If nothing else, your guests will leave with the name of your business in their memories! Networking has been done on less than that. Of course, the other advantage of doing this is the money you will save by not renting a place.

Facilitate networking with the right format

Decide how casual or structured you want the networking at your mixer to be. Most of the time, it depends on your audience. For instance, if the attendees mostly know each other, then a night at the pub would be as effective as a formal dinner. Small groups can have intimate dinners. Larger groups will be seated at different tables, so have them swap their seat after some time.

Choose the right assistants

You don’t want the chairs missing from your conference-like mixer. Neither will you be happy if the glasses at your wine-tasting-based mixer didn’t show up. You need to decide who will be in charge of the different jobs and the person overseeing them all. 

Make a budget and stick to it

The event you envision may be costlier and thus, beyond your means. A budget can help you scale back your plan. An alternative is to seek sponsors for your mixer. Discuss it with your vendors and suppliers for the event. You can also partner with a complementary business and split the expenses between the two of you.

Promote it

Promoting the event can will help your business mixer be a success for both you and your sponsor/partner. If your company has a newsletter, then try to get the message in it on time. You could also send an email blast to the staff members you want to invite to the upcoming event. Ads on the social and print media are two effective alternatives.

Be crafty when crafting the guest list

For each mixer, there are certain objectives that must be met. One group of people that you should invite should include people who share your business philosophy, interests, ethos, and follow similar business models. The other group should include people who can help your business grow. 

Refreshments are necessary too

Contract with a catering company for the refreshments. Keep the food easy to handle, manage, and eat. Finger foods and appetizers are good candidates you should consider. Choose between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages – or serve both. Talk to the caterer about the quantity with respect to the number of guests on your list.

Don’t over-entertain your guests

Don’t go for an evening of non-stop activities, including speeches, presentations, and games. Instead, schedule 2-3 short but effective presentations. Let your guests indulge in the activity that is the primary reason for the mixer, i.e. networking.

Focus on the objective: Networking

Design short exercises that will help your guests do some networking. For instance, even if each guest meets just three people whom they don’t know can be an effective network trick. You can also pair people who work in a similar industry or businesses together.

Hosting business mixers is just another way of promoting your products and services. We hope that providing you these ways to host a successful business mixer will help. As long as you keep that in mind and follow the steps mentioned above, every mixer you host should be successful!

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