What Makes a Good Testimonial

Imagine that you visit your local business fair, hoping that you would get to pick up a few new clients there. When you reach the place, you discover something that horrifies you. How have you not known this about yourself? Will you ever be able to successfully pick up clients? This is true for many people. They love talking to people but don’t realize how it is different from selling their services!

Okay, imagine a slightly different scenario. Your favorite and most loyal client join you at the fair. With them present, you don’t even have to talk. They take care of everything and you come home with more clients.Testimonials are like that…well good ones, at least. Look at the example below:

“I just wanted to share a quick note with all my connections. You guys are doing a really good job and it makes me glad to do business with you. My websites are so easy to update that I never have any issues with them. Because of your hard work, my new site is so much faster than my old site used to be. Before, it took me an hour just to update one page. In the end, I didn’t even do it right. But all that has changed. I just have to select the update option from the dropdown menu. Then I wait for the update to complete and hit save. That is all it takes. It’s so simple. Thanks, guys!”

Would you consider this a good testimonial? Do you think it would work in favor of the business? So, now that you know how important a testimonial can be, let us discuss what makes a good testimonial and how you can write a good one.

A Credible Source

Credibility is the foundation on which all types of content marketing is built. That means if your testimonial comes across as less than completely credible, you are bound to lose potential customers. If you are doing your job and providing your customers with service that creates positive experiences, then your part is done. Additionally, make sure that your testimonials have a credible, authentic source. That is the only way you will get conversions!

Keep it short

Long winded testimonials don’t come off as positive. Instead, most potential customers will simply scroll downward without reading them. We all have such short attention spans these days; we don’t have time to read such ramblings! At the most, some potentials may scan it briefly. Greta testimonials that are able to work their magic are not longer than 30-50 words. If your customers want to describe a complicated issue that you solved, then use the bold font to draw attention to the best parts of the testimonial.

But provide good content

For an effective testimonial, the content in it needs to be substantial. Instead of praising your business, your customers should explain why your product or service is worthwhile. The more specific they are about they love about the product/serve, the more their testimonial will do for your business. The same goes for testimonials result in the answer to the solution of some kind of problem. Ask your customers to talk about their specific problem and how your company stepped in and solved it. Substantial content is specific to the customer writing the testimonial for your company.

Engage the eyes

Great testimonials can paint a picture that shows their readers exactly what they would be getting if they made a purchase with you. How can you paint a picture you ask? By using descriptive language, which touches your potential customers in a deeper way. Be enthusiastic and incorporate some visual elements in your testimonials. You can add images and videos, as well as, social media posts to make the testimonial pop!

Do you have any other tips that can turn ordinary testimonials to great ones? Share them with us...

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