Ten Social Media Tools You Better Be Using Now

With the growing importance of social media marketing, new social media tools for gauging its effect are appearing every week or two.  Social media is an important part of modern daily life, and an invaluable resource for marketers.  It's easy to become overwhelmed with the number of available tools, but you do not have to use them all. It's ability to reach an enormous number of people is why social media is such an effective marketing tool.  Here is a list of ten tools that you should definitely be using to help you.

  • EditFlow - This is a plugin from WordPress.  It makes managing your web sites editorial team much easier.  You get a month-to-month assessment of your content in a calendar form.  Any webmaster who has multiple authors on the site should try EditFlow to keep content and content generators organized.
  • TweetReach - You will discover that many social media tools are made for Twitter users.  TweetReach allows you to gauge how far your tweets have been spread.  You will see how many people have seen your message and how many tweets, retweets, and replies it took for them to see it.  Anybody who is interested in measuring the effectiveness of a Twitter campaign needs this tool 
  • ArgyleSocial - This platform has a dashboard that allows you to monitor Facebook and Twitter activity, and to delegate tasks to your social network marketing team.  You also get an easy to read report on the return on investment of you efforts in the social networks.  It also has an affiliate reseller program.  This tool is great for proving why social media works to your superiors. 
  • HootSuite for iPad - This is for avid iPad users with a desire for managing social media engagement and content from their iPad device.  You can schedule media messaged to be sent later, analyze click-through statistics, and add geo-location information to your messages
  • TweetLevel - Allows you to do specific research on hashtags, giving you insight on whom to follow.  You can also use TweetLevel to measure the social influence of the people you are following, or the buzz surrounding any given topic to evaluate if it is something to which you should be paying attention.  TweetLevel should be used by PR managers and social media marketers who need to analyze the effects of a campaign. 
  • ReFollow - Helps you to make sure your followers continue to follow you.  It helps you to filter Twitter searched to find followers with which you have something in common, allowing you to make new and important connections.  This is perfect for constructing a following of like-minded and highly qualified people
  • TwitterSearch - Use this tool to find the highest trending topics relevant to your marketing campaign.  This greatly enhances the effectiveness of Twitter searches.  Knowing what is trending will help you to generate timely and more relevant content for your site or blog. 
  • Traackr - An easy way to find and follow influential people, this tool helps you to identify who is an authority in your field and who can help your business the most.  You can track how these leaders are responding to and sharing your content, and is useful to building campaigns that will improve over time. 
  • SocMetrics - This tool is web-based and allows users to identify, understand, and interact with influential people or organizations in your industry.  You can specify and brand you choose, the drill deeper to find the influencers.  SocMetrics helps social network marketers to build effective campaigns through the help of industry influencers. 
  • Social Scope - This app combined Facebook and Twitter on one screen for Blackberry users. 

This is just a glimpse of the many social media tools that are out right now.  A successful social networking campaign can be complicated. There are many more platforms than just a couple of years ago, and you can expect to see more before the year is up.  These tools are necessary to keep track of your social media presence and measure its effect.

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