Radiesse injections What Does it Cost to Look Ten Years Younger

Radiesse is a new patented product that reduces wrinkles and lines by use of Radiesse injections, an inexpensive procedure, when comparing the cost of radiesse to plastic surgery.  The treatment is used by injecting collagen and filler into the folds and wrinkles that have aged the skin with time.  The filler that is added to Radiesse is purported to provide a haven for new collagen to grown, thus filling the cracks and wrinkles with substance where the fats and fluids have naturally reduced. As part of the aging process the skin produces less collagen and also reduces the fat layer, which diminishes the "dewy" look and increases wrinkles and creases in the face.

Ideally, the patient would wish to produce their own collagen to reduce the wrinkles and creases created by the sun and time.  Instead, clients choose radiesse, the only product that claims to replenish collagen and encourage natural collagen growth.  Radiesse injections are also mixed with lidocaine, a topical anesthetic, to reduce the pain of the injections and on site soreness.  There are a few side effects from radiesse injections, but these are relatively minor and should be anticipated with any injection procedure.  Radiesse side effects include irritated skin, swelling at the injection site, itching, bruising, tenderness and redness.  These are so minor that they generally disappear within 24 hours, so you see the effects of the wrinkle reduce in just one day. Best of all, radiesse is expected to last a full year, which is a long lasting result.

The procedure is performed during a one hour treatment session, so it can be taken on one's lunch hour, if preferred.  The results are immediate, and except for the slight redness, will show no ill effects for the afternoon.  Because of the addition of the lidocaine in the mixture, radiesse side effects are minimal and what would be expected from any shot or injection.  Volumizing filler injections are much less painful than Botox and leave a softer, more natural feeling to the facial structure. There is a softness of the natural collagen under the skin that Botox cannot give to customers, so the preferred treatment for wrinkle reducing is a collagen injection.

Smile lines, laugh lines, marionette lines, corners of the mouth, pre - jowl spaces and chin wrinkles are all areas that show the reduction of collagen in the face.  Some of these areas show deep creases and wrinkles, others have dips and folds that are not evident in younger people.  The injection of collagen plumps up the wrinkles and crevices and smooths out the folds and dips to be more even and less obvious.  The result is a fresher and younger looking appearance with minimal discomfort and cost.

The final cost of Radiesse would be approximately $600 per injection, and the total cost would be determined by how many injections were desired.  Some patients claimed they had only one syringe filled and were satisfied with the results.  Other consumers had multiple syringes and spent several thousand dollars.  There were hundreds of reported reviews and very few clients stated they had severe side effects.  Many customers are so satisfied they return to the same spa or doctor every year for the treatments.  For about $2,000, the client could have the cheeks plumped, the laugh lines erased, and the mouth and chin evened out to reduce ten years of aging in one afternoon.  For some clients, this is best gift they gave themselves, confidence in their appearance and the ability to smile contagiously, all for the nominal cost of radiesse.

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