Facial Mole Removal Surgery - Cost and Scar

Considering Facial Mole Removal Surgery? Want to know more about the cost and scar? A mole is a blemish that appears in different colors on the skin of your body or face. It can be flat, raised and of various sizes. It is usually harmless but if it changes color, shape, or starts to irritate, you should ask your doctor to examine you more closely, as it could be something serious. Despite not being painful, moles can be unsightly and this can affect your self-confidence, especially if the mole appears on your face or other conspicuous parts of your body.

You can have facial mole removal surgery if it is a cause for concern. This procedure can be done to remove the mole. It can be done quickly as a day-case or outpatient procedure, and you may not have to stay in the hospital overnight.

Your doctor will have to numb the area that contains the mole, so you will stay awake during the surgery. If you feel anxious about the procedure, your doctor should give you some sedative drugs alongside the local anesthetic to help you relax. Sometimes, you won't even need an anesthetic or sedative depending on the type of treatment, the size, number, and location of the moles. Your doctor would normally remove the mole with a scalpel and then stitch the wound shut. Latest technology, however involves the use of high-energy laser or freezing with liquid nitrogen gas.

The procedure can leave a scar but the size and ability to be noticeable depends on the technique used. However, the scar may fade after the first year. The scarring is not a serious problem if you compare it with other complications. Some risks are involved when you use certain techniques. The method recommended by your doctor will depend on the most suitable option for you under the circumstances.

If you want your mole removed for cosmetic reasons, your doctor or dermatologist may advise you to have it removed by an expert surgeon. Such surgeons can perform procedures that are less invasive with the use of sophisticated technology and therefore with less scarring possibilities.

One of the latest techniques is electrosurgical facial mole removal surgery. It involves electrosurgical diathermy to smooth the area after the mole has been removed. This technique is better than the more common surgical excision, as it does not produce sutures or linear scars. Your doctor may recommend this technique if you have a dermal or non-pigmented mole, hairy mole, seborrheic keratoses, or senile warts, raised birthmarks, and pigmented moles.

You can have a combination of surgical and radio-surgery procedure if your doctor believes it will produce better results. The surgeon can use electrosurgical diathermy to resurface and coagulate. You would have to wear a dressing for 24 hours but you would need little aftercare after the first week. Your doctor may allow you to resume your normal activities. There is possibility of remaining with a small pale scar but which should take less than a year to fade out.

The cost of facial mole removal surgery usually depends on the surgeon and the area in which it is done. However, many of these surgeries cost from around $250. You can get a Medicare rebate to help you cover part of the cost of the procedure. The cost can also vary from patient to patient. Some clinics charge less than $100 for the removal of one mole or a skin tag. You can also find discounted and special packages.

Although any surgical or laser removal of moles may leave a scar, it is not as conspicuous as the mole itself. The scar can also fade away after some time while a mole will not disappear on its own.

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