Surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Methods

Hair replacement can be a tough subject for people to discuss or even think about until it is a reality.  Fortunately, there are hair replacement systems that can help.  Both non-surgical and surgical solutions exist and choosing the method that is the best for you may depend on some factors.  The hair replacement cost can be one of the deciding factors When choosing a non-surgical hair replacement method,  get good information so that you can be satisfied and can afford to get what you truly want.  Understanding some of the terminology can help when purchasing a hairpiece.  First, the base is the foundation for the hair to be tied to or injected.  There are two main types of bases.  One is a mesh fabric and the other is a polymer.  The mesh can create a natural hairline and it is comfortable to wear.  This option is more expensive than the polymer base and it usually needs to be replaced more often than the polymer.  The polymer base is made of silicone or polyurethane.  It is more affordable than the mesh, very durable and easy to put into place.  This type is a bit hot to wear and is not as natural looking as the mesh base.

The type of hair used can be a factor to consider.  Some less expensive types of hairpieces use animal hair or artificial fibers.  Other types of hairpieces can be made from Asian hair.  This hair is very strong, but can get brittle by coloring it to different colors besides black.  These pieces can get a fuzzy look sooner than the other fibers or animal hair.  The top of the line hairpieces are made from European hair.  The color and texture is usually good, but since human hair is fragile, the replacement hair also needs to be cared for to make it last.  Still, it may need to be replaced at some point.  Non-surgical hair replacement systems are attached in three ways.  Semi-permanent, temporary-adhesive attachment and a clip attachment are all very secure.  One aspect that most hair clubs may not explain upfront is that the hairpieces need constant care and maintenance and can not just be affixed and forgotten.  Usually, the best idea is to buy two systems so that one can be worn while you maintain the other.  Monthly maintenance can cost from about sixty to three hundred dollars.

A surgical method can be done by harvesting hair from the back of your own scalp and transplanting it into the balding areas.  Transplanting hair from another person has not been successful because the new hair can be rejected.  Taking anti-rejection medication for the rest of your life could be the only way that this method would work.  For this type of replacement, you should look for the best surgeons available.  The surgeon should evaluate your hair loss patterns, the direction of the hair growth and the place that is balding to make the best plan for transplant.  Hair replacement cost associated with this style is a bit more expensive, but can offer a more permanent solution for the money invested.

Hair replacement is an important topic and is one that is filled with emotion.  Choosing a good method to replace your hair can be a bit confusing, but asking questions, looking at resources such as the American Hair Loss Association and planning for any procedure or fitting can make the process smooth.  Whether you choose surgical or non-surgical solutions can make a difference in the quality of the hair that you have and how confident you feel with that new head of hair.

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