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Skin blemishes such as acne are endemic since they affect every age, sex and race. This has led to many people looking to find the best acne scar removal treatments. Many have tried over the counter blemish treatment. The chemists usually advice on using treatment that suits your skin tone and only consider the extent to which acne has developed. In some case a prescription is required.

Ladies have an easier time finding solutions since the same treatment is found in beauty and cosmetics shops. In addition, they will perennially apply foundation to cover up their blemishes. The preparation of the skin before applying any treatment is just as important. The skin should be thoroughly washed with warm water and an antiseptic. Skin should not be left to dry too much before applying treatment.

There are those who are predisposed to the skin condition brought about by environment or malnutrition. Those with oily or extremely dry skin are also at a higher risk of winding up with acne. It helps to keep oneself well hydrated as well as taking fruits regularly. This helps the skin heal fast enough to beat acne.

The use of vitamin E directly to the skin has been disproved though initially scientists thought it was where they could find the best acne scar removal treatments. It actually seems to have no effect, in fact the lotions used still stand a chance of causing a reaction to the skin. The old fashioned apple a day could have more immediate benefits. However, vitamin C seems to do the trick thus one should be a regular at shops that sell products enriched with this vitamin.

Blemishes do not disappear as fast as they came. They should fade away with time given the right care. Doing things that irritate them such as rubbing, pinching, or squeezing should be minimized. Acne usually develops as a more severe condition from bumps and pimples. It is the formation of striations and discolorations on the skin.

One should be as much concerned with the health implications of acne and not only the cosmetic implications. The causes of the skin condition must therefore be considered. It may be chronic or a sudden outbreak on the skin. Avoiding direct sunshine and use of sun screen is advised. When outdoors, one should try and wear a hat or use an umbrella as much as possible. Dust should also be avoided as it makes things worse especially on sweaty skin.

When an outbreak suddenly appears all over the body it may be because of change of climate. It may also be because of bathing with water from a different source than one is used to. The reverse is also true, whereby changing for a warmer climate at the sea side actually heals your acne, which you have had for years.

Sudden outbreaks may as well be a manifestation of something wrong in something you ate. What is popularly referred to as an allergy can really only be verified by a dermatologist. Continuous consultation will root out the problem and the best treatment will be settled on.

The skin is also subject to pigmentation whenever there is too much irritation. If you wish to have that Hollywood look for your upcoming event, tanning is not the only option. An instant and safer solution lies in laser procedures. These can be provided at the cosmetic dermatologist's office or at a specialized spa. The skin is flashed with laser beams after scrubbing with a clearing agent. This is probably where to find the best acne scar removal treatments since the result is an even skin tone

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