Finding the Best Cosmetic Breast Surgery Options

Cosmetic Breast Surgery usually brings to mind the augmentation of a breast with implants or possibly even a breast reduction.  Other familiar terms that come to mind are things like silicone versus saline implants and rumors or experience with an implant rupture or contracture. Another topic that people bandy about is cosmetic breast surgery cost.  Everyone seems to have an opinion as to whether it is a good investment or a foolish waste of money or something in between of the extremes.  The misnomer in this topic is the cosmetic piece.  Cosmetic surgeries are generally elective or voluntary surgeries and so the opinions that are expressed can be around the necessity or the lack of necessity for the surgery, but what if the person has had breast cancer? That fact tends to change opinions.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery can be totally elective or it can be done due to the need for some reconstruction due to breast cancer surgery, but either way, the implants and much of the cosmetic breast surgery cost is the same or similar.  A cosmetic breast surgeon will, in most cases be the person to perform the surgery, but in some cancer cases, the surgeon who performs the mastectomy can also put the implant in place at the time of the initial breast removal. (S)he will consult with the patient prior to the surgery and discuss the procedure, the options for the implants and answer any questions about it for you.  The procedure may even be done as an outpatient surgery depending on what is actually being done, the length of time and the potential for complications.  General anesthesia will be administered and usually the longer you are under, the more time it may take you to awaken from the surgery.  If the procedure will take a long time, such as after a mastectomy surgery, then it may be inpatient

Locating the best cosmetic breast surgeon for you may depend on what the motivation for the surgery is and how other issues like treating for breast cancer may impact the procedure.  A recommendation from an oncologist or from even other people who have worked with a certain surgeon may be a good place to start.  Also, checking with the American Society of Breast Surgeons, a leadership organization for breast surgeons, can yield a list of some surgeons within your area to speak with about your surgery.  The type of insurance coverage may also narrow down the choices because not many insurance companies cover cosmetic surgery.  If there is no coverage then often the surgeons will want to have some payment plan set up or paid some of the procedure before the surgery takes place.  There have been some surgeons that perform the reconstructive cosmetic surgery after mastectomy surgery that donate their services because it is still a cosmetic procedure in spite of the fact that it holds a different place in the cosmetic realm, the insurance companies generally do not differentiate.

Cosmetic breast surgery is an option for people who wish to somehow add or alter their breasts from implants to reductions and nipple reconstruction. While it is an elective or voluntary surgery, if a person has breast cancer surgery, then it may be important to the healing and recovery to have reconstruction done after the cancer surgery.  Finding a surgeon can be done by searching the American Society or Breast Surgeons, talking to your doctor or even looking at the listings in local directories.  Whether having elective or post surgical procedures, the best options are the ones that make the patient feel the best about themselves.

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