Dark Circles Under Childs Eyes - What to Do

<P>When you notice that there are dark circles under childs eyes, you have a legitimate reason to be concerned. In most cases, it affects a person&#39;s looks and personality. It is common in adults, and it is an indication of aging and some health problems. In a child however, it shows more serious health problems because their skin is not as vulnerable to the effects of aging as adults do. It could indicate that your child is lacking certain vitamins and minerals. Without these, your child cannot have a healthy life. When your child has dark circles under his or her eyes, you need to know what to do to avert a future catastrophe.</P> <P>Dark eyes, or bags, can be caused by a number of issues. Your child could be suffering from a disease that has taken a long time to treat. Your child could look tired most of the time due to lack of enough sleep and fatigue.</P> <P>The lack of sleep could be a result of sickness. Your child&#39;s eyes will appear swollen or reddish on the inside, signaling overstrained eyes. In addition, the child could also suffer from rubbing of eyes, allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion, and hay fever. Some chemicals can cause allergic reactions that may produce dark circles.</P> <P>Your genetic makeup could also cause your child to inherit the trait from you. If you naturally have dark circles, your child could also develop them. Not all children whose parents have dark circles develop them, though. This is a tolerable cause of the condition, as it does not involve health problems. However, it might lead to psychological problems in the future when the child is affected by taunts from other children due to the haggard look.</P> <P>If your child&#39;s digestive system does not function properly, it could lead to dark circles. This could be attributed to the improper digestion of protein due to the lack of enough acidity in the child&#39;s stomach. The carbon in the protein substances will be deposited under the eyes and cause dark circles under childs eyes. Moreover, if your child has a Vitamin B12 deficiency, it will be seen by the appearance of the dark circles. You can do something to remedy this deficiency by giving the child foods rich in minerals and vitamins.</P> <P>Anemia caused by a deficiency in iron in the blood, leading to fewer red blood cells could also be a cause for the dark circles under your child&#39;s eyes. Since your child will lack enough oxygen, he or she will become tired, and this will reflect in the eyes. You could give your child foods rich in iron or administer iron supplements with the assistance of the pediatrician.</P> <P>Your child could suffer from a condition in which the body secretes excess melanin and, which is deposited under the eyes. Melanin is the substance responsible for the darkening of skin. If your child is frequently exposed to the sun, such as during play on the beach, it could be causing the dark circles under childs eyes. You are advised to give the child enough sunscreen to apply on the face and other parts of the body exposed to sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sun lead to dehydration of the skin and cause it to deteriorate and age faster.</P> <P>If you want to avoid having your child develop dark eyes under the eyes, you should ensure he or she has eaten sufficient nutrients and minerals. A balanced diet is therefore essential. The child should also have plenty of rest and drink a lot of water, among other measures. Other temporary measures, such as placing tea bags on the dark circles can also work.</P>

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