Lap-Band Surgery - What is the Cost And Side Effects

Heard or Lap-Band Surgery? Do you want to know more about  what is the cost And side effects? Lap-band surgery is a form of surgery carried out on individual who want to cut down on the size of their waists by limiting the amount of food that enters the stomach. The surgery involves the use of inflatable silicon bands that is tied around the upper part of the stomach. The tightness of the band can be adjusted depending on the condition of the patient.  There are various risks and side effects associated with gastric banding.

The risk factors of the gastric banding are usually explained to the patient before the surgery is carried out. If there are many risk factors associated with the surgery then the doctor will advice on other ways of controlling the amount of food to the stomach. The risk factors are usually associated with individuals who are obese or overweight and need to lose weight. Patients with poor health, diabetes and asthma among other diseases are at risk of complications arising from the surgery.

Gastric banding can also cause gall stones is a small percentage of the patients and if the surgery is not performed properly. It is vital that you rely on professional doctors and surgeon to perform this surgery. No matter how minimal the surgery is, there are always huge factors and risks involved with someone cutting you open and anything can go wrong. Therefore it's very important to be under the hand of an expert surgeon.

The side effects of gastric banding are usually experienced after the surgery is complete and the healing process has begun. Lack of adequate weight loss can result even after gastric banding. This is because of poor eating choices by the patient. The gastric banding is just a prop to help individuals lose weight, without proper feeding habits, the surgery may be useless. Nausea and vomiting can also be experienced due to poor diet habits and should also be a matter of concern after lap-band surgery.

Complications of the band slipping up are also real. If the band slips from the position it could affect the functionality of the stomach. Implant leakage and rotting around the area where the band erodes into the stomach are also possible side effects. This occurs when the patient eat too much causing the band to erode into the stomach.  These effects can be very serious and require emergency medical attention. The gastric band may have to be completely removed to allow healing or the band will be adjusted. Patients are also advised on proper dietary practices in order to improve their health.

The cost of the lap band surgery depends on the condition of each and every individual. The insurance health plan of an individual can also slice off the cost of the gastric banding. Most insurance companies will cover part or the entire cost of the lap band surgery depending on the conditions that lead to the surgery.  The extent of your coverage can help make it more affordable to get the surgery. Cost of surgery varies also depending on the doctor performing the surgery. Renowned surgeons are more expensive as compared to other surgeons. If you are an in-patient, you will also end up paying more than an outpatient for the surgery

There are various other ways through which you can finance the lap-band surgery. This is usually something to consider if your insurance company does not cover such surgeries. There are many clinic and private practice doctors who have flexible payment plans for patients receiving care. You can save up of negotiate payment plans that allow you to pay for the surgeries in installments.

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