Eyelash Help - What Makes Them Grow

<P>Long eye lashes are enviable to have on a woman. Just like other body hair, they take time to grow and have to be groomed and kept healthy. However, because of their nature and location, eye lashes tend to be more delicate than normal hair. That is why many need eyelash help.</P> <P>The questions that should be asked is what causes breakage of eye lashes or makes them fall out. And in case this has already happened, what makes them grow? The same reason why head hair or eye brows fall out could be attributed to the loss of eye lashes. This could be nutritional reasons and lack of treatment to address the cause.</P> <P>One thing that those seeking eyelash help will note though is that treatment cannot be administered like that of head hair. It is often necessary to address one eyelash at a time as they can even be counted on each eye. This not only means that cleaning is difficult but also grooming such as when administering mascara.</P> <P>When looking to get eyelash help and start growing long, lush lashes, you have to completely avoid losing them or cutting them in the first place. Always be careful when applying make-up and mascara and when removing make-up. Try and avoid the eye lashes as much as possible and be gentle or you might yank off some of them.</P> <P>Something not often mentioned when looking for eyelash help is the special cleaning part.  There are certain mites that will thrive on eye lashes if not particularly addressed. It is beneficial to clean makeup thoroughly but gently with warm water if possible. Use cleansers or an antibacterial solution and apply moisturizer immediately after.</P> <P>There are a few nourishing products that help recover full blown eye lashes. These should be applied together with light mascara that is not water-based. The key word is TLC, tender love and care is really what makes them grow. Experiment with a few solutions and see which seems to be working so you can stick to it.</P> <P>Comparison with other hair such as eye brows may let you know what is going on. If your brows are also thinning, then you may have a problem with nutrition for the hair hence a diet change may be called for. Generally speaking, adipose fat causes hair follicles to clog up but this is rarely the case with eye lashes. So the reverse situation may occur whereby you lack other body hairs but have outstanding eye lashes.</P> <P>Change of habits like avoiding the rubbing of eyes vigorously will help things out also. This prevents breakage and infection of the eyelids and the eye lash follicles. Eye drops will help along also since when you blink the medication sinks in. Don&#39;t keep on working on the eye lashes too much as they need time to breath. As mentioned before, it&#39;s essential to keep avoiding the lashes when touching up or cleaning, unless of course you are brushing the lashes in particular.</P> <P>Avoid irritants to the eyes that will get you rubbing the eyes in the first place. Be conscious when wiping the sleep off your eyes in the morning. If you suspect that you squint and rub in your sleep, wear blinds when going to bed. If you happen to work in industries where there are hazardous irritants in the air, put on protective glasses as part of your routine.</P> <P>One thing that is understated but helps keep eye lashes from falling off is avoiding stress. This advice also helps with head hair. A combination of the above solutions will bring out notable results with eyes that seem to be smiling. In the end, what prevent lashes from breaking is also what makes them grow.</P>

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