Breast Surgery - Augmentation and Reduction

Breast augmentation is very common among women today, and is aimed at improving the size and shape of the breast. There are several reasons why women seek to undertake breast surgery. Breast reduction helps women solve some health issues and improve self esteem. Large and heavy breast may cause health issues such as back pain, neck pain, pain in the breast and so on. Women suffering from arthritis especially of the shoulders and spine have more symptoms than others because of the breast weight. Women with large breasts are embarrassed by the size of their bosom and it becomes very hard for them to fit in comfortably in the society.

For sporty women and the active that are looking to lose weight, the size of their breast becomes an inhibition. Finding clothes for these women is very hard and expensive. This is why breast surgery is the best solution for these problems. When you visit a surgeon you need to explain what you want done and the end result expectation after the procedure. This helps the surgeon decide on the procedure and know if the expectations are logical and achievable. Your medical history and previous surgeries is another question that you need to answer truthfully.

In case you intend to breast feed in the future you need to let the surgeon know. Breast reduction can have some effect on breast feeding. Also, if you intend to lose weight you need to let your surgeon know since this affects the size and shape of the breasts. It is advisable to lose weight before the surgery to a comfortable size since losing weight afterwards will affect the size and shape of the new look breasts. Smoking can interfere with blood circulation and therefore before the breast surgery it is important to stop smoking like three weeks prior to it.

Breast surgery recovery varies from individual to individual and also depends on the procedure done. After surgery the patient is advised to rest and get out of bed for some periods. In a few days the patient is able to move more comfortably and can perform some duties. However, it is important to avoid a lot of bending, lifting and bending since this can increase swelling and bleeding. The stitches of the surgery are removed after one week. Patients might be required to wear support bras for a few weeks until the swelling goes down and discoloration fades. After the surgery there is less sensation of the nipples which is temporary. In some cases however, the lack of sensation might continue for months or over a year before normal sensation resumes.

After the surgery the scars are very visible and this will be present for months. Eventually, the scars start fading and finally will take up the same color as the surrounding skin and become invisible. Depending on the job, a patient can resume work after two weeks. Some mild exercises can be done after a few weeks of the surgery but strenuous exercise on the upper part of the body should be avoided since this might increase bleeding. Care should be taken in handling the breast for at least six weeks after the surgery. For active and sporty women contact sports should be avoided at all cost for a few weeks.

Breast surgery is an answer to women with health issues from big and heavy breasts. This surgery will leave you with small and firm breasts. This way, women feel more feminine since they are able to try on different looks and find clothes easily. They have more self esteem and they are able to interact easily with people without being embarrassed.

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