Eyelid Sagging Exercises - What are They?

<P>Eyelids tend to sag with age, over straining the eyes and lack of exercise. It is a rather common problem and one of its treatments is eyelid sagging exercises. Before we look at what they are, let&#39;s begin with the culprits that bring about eye sagging.</P> <P>Many people sometimes attribute it to a genetic condition because members of a family seem to have similar eyelid sagging. This may be attributed to having the same facial features but similar diet also plays a large part.</P> <P>The most common thing about people who have saggy eyes is strain. However, they tend to spend a lot of time focusing their eyes on one or two things as part of their job or as a hobby. This may be watching CCTV or game monitors for extended hours. It may also be extended reading or driving.</P> <P>These activities wind up not giving the eyes enough exercise or rest. The skin fold under the lower eyelid is very sensitive and prone to forming rings and wrinkling. Eyelid sagging exercises will help to balance things out so that the different facial muscles involved will not lag or be too tense.</P> <P>Eyelid exercises involve moving the eye around with the eyes closed and also when open. When open, the eyelids can be pulled up and down to firm up against resistance felt. After a few days, the muscles are already toned and resist sagging. The exercises are the hard way to do it so they require patience and dedication. They should be done daily consistently for the best results.</P> <P>People seek for eyelid sagging exercises in order to avoid going for facial surgery. It is not an emergency solution but it&#39;s better for most to avoid going under the knife. You end up feeling as good as your old self else with just the exercise and cream or moisturizer. The sagging eyelids do tend to make one look a bit older than they are.</P> <P>One explanation for why eyelid exercises work is that the fluid accumulated under the lids finally begins to move around instead of causing retention. The fat under the skin is also burned in the process and the reduction causes less sag. Needless to say, the exercises should form normal daily routine for everyone so as to achieve a healthy young look.</P> <P>Eyelid exercises may be scheduled for the morning or evenings since it&#39;s best to do it in front of a mirror. There are other causes of eyelid sagging that have to do with diet and habits. Since one is trying to burn the fat under the lids, it helps to complement the exercises with low fat diet. That might mean taking options like low fat milk or cheese and see if there is a difference in one week&#39;s time. </P> <P>Loosing habits like smoking or too much coffee is a step in the right direction. The caffeine in the body keeps the eyes glaring for too long and one may not notice this. Take a test and see how often you blink and if this is below par, start to consciously blink more.</P> <P>Getting plenty of sleep and breaks between eye straining activities will also help. It is a big commitment to indulge in eye exercises than it may at first seem. However, it is time well spent and once you get into the routine, you won&#39;t notice the effort invested.</P> <P>Motivation is a big factor to achieve the goal of eyelid exercises. If someone comments on how fresh you are looking, this will definitely re-energize your secret exercise weapon. Using all other treatments in your arsenal will help towards the target. All this is necessary because it takes several months before you really get there.</P>

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