Boob Job Prices - What Does it Cost

Boob job prices in the U.S - either breast augmentation surgery or breast implants for cosmetic reasons - are estimated to cost an average of $5,278. Also factor in the implant cost itself which may range from $1500. You can get a lower price but it does not mean it is the best. Cheap is always expensive as the saying goes. Most patients pay without the assistance of insurance because this is not usually covered by the policies. The only breast implant surgery they cover is in cases of mastectomies from breast cancer. But the obvious costs are not the only ones to be considered. The implants may mean more charges in the future because of insurance rates and coverage and whether you qualify for coverage.

Also remember that the cost is also determined by the surgeon's level of expertise and skill. As a result never choose the doctor based on the lowest price. Those who offer bargains do so because they lack the skill and requisite certification. If you are going to get a procedure as delicate as an augmentation done, you should only get the best. This goes a long way in justifying the high boob job prices.

While researching on the costs of the implants also keep in mind the additional costs during surgery. Ensure you ask your doctor about all fees payable including medication, hospital charges, and anesthesia. Not all surgeons include everything in their fees. Additionally, there is almost always a need for further surgery at some point. If you get an allergic reaction or need to adjust the position of the implant you may even require immediate attention. Alternatively, you may need to replace or remedy a break for example. Although guarantees are offered, they may not include the cost of the surgery itself.

Moreover, it is recommended that women with silicone implants should get MRIs done every three years and once every two years after that. This is due to the risk of the silicone rupturing. This does not apply to saline implants. MRIs are expensive. Also, whenever mammograms are done women with implants may have to get additional ones at extra costs. This is because of the interference of the x-ray image rendered by the implants. Your insurance may not cover this so it is best to clarify in advance.

Some health insurance considers implants as a "pre-existing condition," and as such may not cover you at all or decide to charge higher premiums. They can also limit the coverage by not covering some disease e.g. breast cancer. Your old company can reject your application to renew your policy altogether. As a result, before doing the procedure you should enquire from your insurance the following things-whether the costs will be covered, if your rates will increase, if any treatment for complications will be covered, and if diagnostic tests will be covered as well. Then factor this into the boob job prices. Get the response in writing and always ask for an update as policies may change.

Also, remember that if you ever have to change your health insurance -- because of a new job or relocation, for example -- the new company may limit your coverage or deny it altogether. Think very hard before dropping your policy if it covers breast enhancement surgery. All things said and done, the costs can be quite high, especially since the insurers do not cover this procedure. That said, you may not have to pay all at once because many clinics offer financing options, which allow patients with shallow pockets to get the features they desire. What is most important to remember is that you get what you pay for.

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