Finding a Cosmetic Dentist

A Cosmetic dentist is a dentist that specializes in improving your appearance through dental procedures.  Having your mouth and teeth something you are proud of can make the cost and visits involved in the cosmetic dental work worthwhile, but keep in mind, these procedures may or may not change the functionality of your teeth in the process.  If you want veneers or a teeth whitening procedure or perhaps implants are a part of the plan, then a visit to this type of dentist may be in order.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of the mouth, teeth and gums so that their patients can relax and smile easily with no embarrassment. While other dentist focus on the overall oral health, these specialists can work on a specific area and are not as concerned about brushing and flossing habits.  The procedures with this type of dentistry are usually elected ones, which means that they are voluntary and not critical to the function of the mouth. 

Some dentists may do both cosmetic dentistry and overall dental procedures so that you can visit one dentist for all of your dental needs.  An advantage of this type of all around dentist is that you will know that person from your interactions for check ups before you consider another procedure.  (S)he will also know your mouth, teeth and gums to be able to suggest or discourage you from any cosmetic work. A disadvantage is that (s)he could suggest work that you may not really need, but they can perform the procedure and might recommend it.  If you go to someone else, then you have the second opinion about the procedure instead of just moving forward with your dentist's word.

A cosmetic dentist may be recommended by your general dentist.  This might be a good thing because it gives you a starting point in your search and the dentist that recommends is not going to pull a name out of a hat if he's giving you the referral; it will be based on the good work that the dentist has done for patients. 

Since a cosmetic procedure is done as a voluntary procedure, dental insurance may or may not pay for the work to be done.  Speaking with the insurance company prior to having the procedure done can let you know if it is an option for you or not.  If the insurance declines to pay, then you can apply for a grant.  Cosmetic dentistry grants are available to those who qualify.  You can receive up to twenty thousand dollars for dental work.  One step in qualifying for this grant is to verify that your mouth is in good enough shape to support whatever cosmetic procedure you have in mind.  The Cosmetic dentistry grants organization will set up an evaluation appointment with a dentist that they supply in your area.  If all goes well, then you can apply for the grant and the plans will be made for the cosmetic dental work to be done.  It may be worth looking into if you are determined for your dental procedure, but are hindered by the cost.

A cosmetic dentist can make your smile amazing with all sorts of procedures.  You generally must have good dental health to have any cosmetic dental work.  Some procedures can be expensive, so there are grants available that can defray or totally pay for the work.  Making sure that the dentist that you choose to do the cosmetic work has a good reputation so that the process will go smoothly and then you'll be smiling from ear to ear in no time.

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