Cellulite Treatments the Best And The Most Popular

The look of it is what drives you nuts that combination of yeast and distortion and fat that is so unattractive on your thighs that you yell at the mirror, Where are the cellulite treatments? 

Well, there are a number of them out there, especially for those who want a cellulite treatment that is inexpensive and quick.   Now, we cant tell you which is the best cellulitetreatment for you only trial and error will do that as you try one product or another but we can tell you whats out there thats both popular and proven effective. 

There are basically two kinds of cellulite treatments, the first of which is medical / pharmaceutical.  The most frequently purchased treatment, at least according to the consumer ratings, is Procellix, a cream that is applied directly to the cellulite cells.   It is one of the most frequently recommended medications, and also one of the fastest you should see results after two applications. 

The good news is that it does take away cellulite, breaking down the fat cells and the creases, and you should see a tighter skin tone after a few weeks.  The bad news is that it cannot entire rid yourself of cellulite (actually, nothing can do that), and, while it returns your skin to a better state of cellular strength and health, it wont give you younger looking skin or reduce wrinkles.

Procellix works through enzymes in its medicinal cream, which are released as the cream is massaged into the tissue, and these enzymes dissolve fat cells and make them more soluble (its usually advisable to wash the cream off after a treatment).  It will melt fat off your skin, in other words.  No, it is not a weight loss treatment, just in case you were wondering. 

The other form of treatment is a physical one: massage.  If you check any website that features beauty and skin products, youll find not only cellulite massaging creams but the massagers as well, which roll away the fat and tighten the skin, a bit like a slap in the face.  Some of these machines are quite elaborate, featuring gels and patented systems that remove the fat by air suction yes, you are literally vacuuming your own skin with these. 

The other kind of treatment is physical: massage.  A number of cellulite massage products have been released in recent years, including actual massagers, which literally rub and roll away fat cells and tone your affected areas.   The alternative is a spa massage (or, if you have a good and generous masseuse for a friend, use them); there are several kinds of massage especially directed towards cellulite reduction. 

There are also spas that recommend body wraps, which not only remove cellulite but slim the customer an inch or so, although these are around a hundred bucks a treatment.   If you really want to save, and a massaging buddy isnt available, drop by the gym and do cardio, and you will reduce the cellulite significantly.  Hopefully some of these ideas for cellulite treatments will stop you from yelling in the mirror any more.


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