Where to Find Laser Hair Removal

<P>Laser hair removal is a process that utilizes laser beams to get rid of unwanted hair. The laser beam is passed through your skin to a hair follicle. The beam&#39;s intense heat is enough to damage the follicle by inhibiting the growth of hair. If you have dark hair and a light skin complexion, you will experience the most benefit of laser hair removal. This method of reducing hair growth is much popular because it is non-invasive, painless and offers more convenience than other techniques. Many people have this procedure carried out on unsightly hair on their faces, arms, underarms, bikini line, and legs.</P> <P> <HR> <STRONG> <P><STRONG>RECOMMENDED BEST PLASTIC SURGEONS:</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG><A href="http://www.epione.com/">Los Angeles CA Best Plastic Surgeon</A> </STRONG>- Dr. Simon Ourian at Epione (310) 598-2345</P></STRONG> <P> <HR> <P></P> <P>The problem you would have is to know where to find laser hair removal in the midst of all the clinics purporting to offer effective hair removal treatments. The best criteria to ensure you get the best treatment are outlined in the following qualities:</P> <UL> <LI>The best place to find laser hair removal is where you would get a surgeon who speaks plainly. Honesty is the key to a successful treatment. The surgeon should tell you frankly that this procedure does not provide any guarantees and that you will come back for more procedures because the hair removal is not permanent. You would have to come back repeatedly for more laser treatments and periodic treatments of maintenance. <LI>You should find a laser hair removal surgeon that makes you feel comfortable, knowing that you would have minimal discomfort. However, you should expect to have a little swelling and redness around the area that laser beams passed through. <LI>The surgeon that advises you properly is worth considering. For example, if you insist on having a onetime treatment to purge unwanted hair, your surgeon should be principled enough to advise you the dangers of doing so, as you risk injury due to high energy levels. <LI>Some surgeons would accept your money even when knowing that the procedure might not work. However, a good surgeon should refuse to go ahead with the procedure if he or she knows that your skin or hair follicles might not respond well to treatment. If you have darker skin, you may not respond well to the treatment. The reason is that laser works well when there is a huge difference between the hair color and the skin complexion, which is usually lacking in darker skin. In addition, you would not have positive result if you want blond or white hair removed because this type of hair does not respond well to laser for the same reason mentioned before i.e. there isn&#39;t enough pigment in white hair to mark any difference on light skin. White hair can be successfully removed using laser if it is on darker skin. <LI>You would know where to find laser hair removal if the surgeon is well trained enough to use the treatment. This is because the treatment requires precision as it targets selective dark hair and at the same time do extremely little damage on the skin. The surgeon should also be in a position to predict correctly how many sessions would be enough to have your hair removed permanently. The credentials of the doctor would be a good measure of his or her expertise. <LI>In addition, you would know where to find laser hair removal if the surgeon has a lot of experience performing the procedure. If the surgeon has had little or no experience, he or she should be practicing under guidance from another experienced surgeon. Experience can help the surgeon perform the procedure with as minimal risk to your health as possible. Therefore, laser hair removal is the best technique if you consider all the points mentioned above and you find the best surgeon.</LI></UL>

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