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For a lot of people, after the prime years, they start losing volume and wrinkle like an overripe fruit. No offense! The loss of volume, or fat, is as a result of the slowing metabolism, as well as gravity, which is normal as we age. With the increasing popularity of fat transfer and replacement through cosmetic surgery, face rejuvenation is now within reach for those that can afford it. Volume replacement through fat injections is a procedure in which fat that has been depleted through the process of aging is replaced, filling out hollows and sags and creating more taut skin.

Cosmetic surgeons have at their disposal a number of materials to use in the volume replacement. These include the Artefill, Sculptra and Juvederm among others. One of the safest and most widespread materials that are made use of in fat replacement is the fat that is removed from the patient through liposuction. The liposuction can either be part of the cosmetic surgery procedure or can be done primarily for the fat replacement procedure. Once the fat is removed, it is strategically re-injected into the face of the patient in order to fill out the hollows and wrinkles, leaving the patients with facial features that look smooth and healthy.

The first step of the procedure is the removal of fat via tumescent liposuction, a liposuction procedure performed under general or local anesthesia that allows fat to be removed from the patient without less bleeding and bruising than standard liposuction procedures. The liposuction process is performed on an area that has typically has excess fat, such as the thighs, stomach area, or the hips. Thereafter, the fat is purified and prepared for the process of fat transfer to the patient?s face. The fat is then re-injected into the patient's face during which step the surgeon re-inserts the fat, small amounts at a time, in order to fill out wrinkles.

The results of the facial volume replacement procedure are a lot like the results of a standard facelift, such as a breast lift in the younger patient. This is because the fat that has been added to the patient's face lifts the skin and can be used to reshape the features on the patient's face. The procedure creates a more youthful and vibrant look on the patient's face than was previously the case.

For the older patients that require a facelift in order that they may remove excess skin, fat injections can be used as a finishing touch by cosmetic surgeons. These procedures fill out the older patients hollowed out cheeks and the nasal-labial fold - the crease from the corner of the mouth to the nose.

When choosing the appropriate cosmetic surgeon to perform the fat transfer procedures on you there are a number of things that you should consider. Make sure that the cosmetic surgeon specializes in such procedures as opposed to going to a cosmetic surgeon that does general procedures. The rationale behind this is that a cosmetic surgeon that has extensive experience in this procedure will likely produce the best results as he has worked on several patients in the past. In addition to that, it is imperative that you do some more research on the cosmetic surgeon that you are considering. Make certain that you read reviews from previous clients in order that you have a good idea of the quality of work that the cosmetic surgeon does.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to perform this procedure on you will ensure that, after the procedure, you will have a smoother, healthier looking face that will take away some of the years from your look

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