Breast Reduction Surgery Cost and Recovery Time

Want to know the cost of breast reduction surgery and the recovery time involved? A breast reduction surgery is a procedure that removes excess breast tissues and fatty tissue. This procedure is aimed at making the breast smaller, proportionate to the rest of the body and better shaped. After the surgery the nipple is placed in a more youthful position and the breast is firmer and manageable. This procedure is more inclined to health wellness than aesthetic. Women with large breasts have some health issues that include neck pains, back pains, pain in the breast, and rashes under the breasts as well as discomfort from grooves formed by the bra straps. It becomes very hard and very expensive for these women to find fitting clothes. The breast reduction surgery cost and recovery time many are afraid of is nothing compared to what they have to endure for the rest of their lives.

The recovery time for breast reduction is not a lengthy one. In most cases, patients barely experience pain if any and they are advised to rest the day after the surgery. If there are no complications the patient can resume work in two weeks time, depending on nature of work. The stitches are removed after a week. There might be less sensation to the nipple which is temporary. In some cases, the sensation might take months or more than a year to resume. Heavy lifting, bending and straining must be avoided for a few weeks since it might cause bleeding and swelling. This might add to the breast reduction surgery cost and recovery time. The scars from the surgery may take months to start fading. They eventually fade and assume the color of the surrounding skin and they will be not visible.

The cost of the basic fees for breast reduction ranges from $5000 to $8000. There are three basic costs that come with this surgery. The first fee is the facility fee that covers the hospital where the surgery will take place. Anesthesia is necessary for patients undergoing this surgery, so an anesthetic fee is charged. The surgeon's fee is the fee paid to the doctor operating on you. There are however other charges that will be incurred during you operation like the medication, medical tests and surgery garments like compression bra that are used during recovery. Before settling for surgery it is important for a patient to know all there is about breast reduction surgery cost and recovery time.

It is important to note that there are factors that will affect cost of the surgery and this makes it difficult to put a general price tag on all breast reductions. Longer and complicated procedures are more costly than others. In case a patient is getting a breast lift as well as breasts reduction, they might be considered as separate procedures and will be more expensive. Many breast reduction procedures can be done as outpatient but there are cases where there is need to stay overnight and in this case the cost will go high.

Another factor that can affect is the facility that the procedure will take place. This depends on the city you are in; the big cities tend to have high prices and at the same time different facilities charge different prices regardless of the area. Another factor that affects the cost is the surgeon. The surgeon fees differ depending on the surgeon's qualification and certification. More qualified surgeons guarantee high odds of surgical success and reduce complication since they use the most appropriate methods of surgery.

It is important to note that there are factors that will affect breast reduction surgery cost and recovery time and it is important to choose wisely and consult widely.

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