Dark Rings around Eyes - Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Want to know about Dark Rings around Eyes? Perhaps, the causes, symptoms and treatment of them? Dark rings around eyes, also commonly referred to as dark circles, is skin that has changed color between one's cheeks and lower eyelids. These dark circles can happen to anyone ranging from adults, teens and even children. One thing to note is that these dark circles are not life threatening. They tend to be a symptom of something else such as dehydration, anaemia and more. So what are the causes of these dark circles?

  • Genetics. In most cases, one will find that these dark circles tend to be hereditary. Some families have this condition running in their lineage more common than others do.
    Allergic reaction. Allergies that cause dark circles under one's eyes are quite a variety. These could be due to allergic reactions to pollen, pollutants, dust, fumes and much more. The pollutants irritate the eyes thus causing the allergic reaction of dark circles. In these instances, you may also find that your eyes are runny.
  • Nasal congestion. Another common cause of dark rings around eyes is congestion of your nasal cavity. The congestion may lead to your eyes darkening as well as the dilation of the veins that drain from one's nose to their eyes.
  • Irregularities in pigmentation. This is typically a cause in people of color such as Asians and black people.
    Over exposure to the sun. When you are constantly exposed to the sun, your skin will automatically produce more melanin to protect itself. Too much exposure may lead to dark circles appearing under one's eyes.
  • Lifestyle. There are numerous aspects of our lifestyles that could lead to the development of these dark circles. These aspects include the levels of stress one is under, alcoholic consumption, smoking, constant crying and so on.
  • Age. While we get older, our skin tends to become thinner. In addition to this, loss of collagen as well as fat is a typical characteristic of getting older. Once this begins to happen, the veins under one's eyelids tend to become more prominent in color thus leading to the appearance of dark rings around the eyes.

There are numerous causes of dark circles under the eyes because people live different types of lifestyles. However, developing these dark circles does not mean that one has to live with them forever. There are also a number of treatments that one can use to try to counteract the causes. So what are some of the treatments that can come in handy in getting rid of dark rings around eyes?

  • Using a cold compress. A cold compress works to try to lessen the prominent color of dilated blood vessels. One can either buy these compresses or simply fashion one right at home. If you would like to do this at home simply wrap a bag of frozen peas in a silky cloth and apply to the affected area.
  • Sleep longer. In numerous instances, the main culprit of the dark circles tends to be lack of sufficient sleep. Irregular sleeping patterns will result into your eyes looking hollowed out and the skin paler thus making the dark circles more pronounced. If lack of sleep is the cause of your dark circles, it is advisable to try to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily.
  • Use sunscreen and sunglasses. As aforementioned, excessive exposure to the sun can also lead to the formation of these dark circles. If you cannot avoid spending a lot of time in the sun, ensure that you are equipped with both sunscreen as well as sun glasses to protect your skin and eyes.

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