Oriental Rug Cleaning Can Make Heirlooms Last Even Longer

Oriental rug cleaning can be quite a chore and finding good Oriental rug cleaners might be a difficult task. Some factors that may make finding rug cleaning services tougher might be where you live, the type and size and possibly the age of the rug you have and how much you can afford to pay for the cleaning.

Oriental rug cleaning prices can vary from company to company, but most charge by the square foot. Some will come and pick up your rug, clean it and drop it back off as a package price. Others might charge an extra fee for the pick up and delivery. Oriental rug cleaning prices can range anywhere from about a dollar per square foot to five dollars per square foot. The type of cleaning that a particular service offers can affect the prices because of the process or the cleaners used. Comparing the prices might only be the first part of the comparison. Comparing the types of cleaning that companies offer can give you more information about the quality of the service and hopefully about how wonderful your rug will look after the cleaning.

Oriental rug cleaning can begin with the removal of dust or sand from the rug. Specialized machines can gently beat the rug until no more dust or sand falls out. Next the rug should be tested for color fastness. Making sure that the colors dont run is important to the cleaning process, but also to the beauty of your rug. A color protector can be applied to keep the colors from running during cleaning. The first step in the actual cleaning of the rug is soaking the rug in running water. Many cleaners will hand wash and agitate the rug on the front and the back to get the rug thoroughly cleaned. Water is flushed through the rug from the bottom to force out any dirt and can be swiped off the rug. Light pressure washing may be done at this point. Once the water runs clear, a special rinse can be applied to neutralize any leftover soap and to make it soft. Finally, the rug is dried by extracting of some of the water and then hanging the rug in a temperature and humidity controlled area.

Some of the processes may differ from cleaner to cleaner, but should basically accomplish the same result. Oriental rug cleaning equipment can be as simple as soft brooms that swish the water from the carpet to complicated machinery. Oriental rug cleaning equipment may be different from place to place because some Oriental rug cleaners have been doing it for generations and have a traditional way to handle the cleaning.

Oriental rug cleaning can be done with specialized equipment or gentle cleaning done either by the owner or by a cleaning service. It can be hard to locate a reputable rug cleaner for your Oriental rug because they are old and delicate and often are family heirlooms; many cleaners do not want the responsibility for damaging the important treasure. Understanding the process that a cleaner might use can help when choosing a professional cleaner or when attempting to do the job yourself. Prices for rug cleaning companies can encompass a pick-up and delivery fee and are usually based on the square footage of the rug. Asking about the process and even checking the company out with Angies List might give you some idea as to the companys reputation. Getting an Oriental rug cleaned might prove to be a big task, but having the rug last for several more years in great condition is worth the undertaking.

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