Frequently asked questions regarding carpet cleaning with answers

Looking for frequently asked questions regarding carpet cleaning with answers? Whenever one opts for getting their carpets cleaned by any cleaning service providers, they may have several questions about their company or even for the service in general. This is not only limited to the times when a carpet cleaner is being hired; but is common whenever any kind of service is outsourced. Below are few of your general questions people ask regarding carpet cleaning: 

Do the carpets shrink in general after being washed?

Answer: the only conditions when a carpet shrinks in size is when its backing becomes wet or if the backing is inappropriately fitted too.  It is always preferred by carpet cleaning companies to use as low moisture systems as possible. It minimizes the possibility of shrinking or splitting of seams due to over dampening.

Does the accept gets dirty too quickly after the first cleaning job is performed? 

Answer: this can become the case if the cleaning has not been done vigilantly and massive residue of the cleaning detergent has been left behind. This has been observed when the companies use speedy techniques which would also cost them less. Using DIY machines often lead to such outcomes. Professionals use proper cleaning methods of either steaming or low moisture in order to prevent your carpets from retaining dust in a short span of time after a cleaning job is performed. 

How long does it take any carpet to dry?

Answer: any large carpet when laid flat in open spaces should precisely take no more than 30 minutes to dry provided that a low moisture system is used to clean it. For example, a rug of your dining room should considerably be dry in 30 minutes’ time. If there is furniture on your carpets, the time may be extended up to an hour or two. 

How long does it take in performing any carpet cleaning job?

Answer: if the carpet is of average size, it should take 20 minutes to clean it in the entirety. Depending on the furniture that is to be moved, the time can vary. If the carpet requires the normal cleaning service, then it should take less time. That being said, if any stains are to be removed – they shall also extend the time taken to get the carpets completely cleaned. 

Does carpet cleaning guarantees the client of getting rid of the fleas and other insects?

Answer: no cleaning services can guarantee you of freeing our carpets off the fleas but they can visibly minimize it. Getting rid of the adult fleas is easy but it is difficult to free your carpets from the eggs. Also, you may need to consider getting the upholstery cleaned and treated if you want to get rid of all those vermin. 

Should anyone get a protector applied on the cleaned carpets?

Answer: after getting your carpets thoroughly cleaned, you may not want to bring the dust and dirt again this easily. Such a situation calls for a spray of protection. These sprays resist dust particles, oil based spills and other water spills from latching on the surface of your carpets. 

Do the carpets already come with a protector?

Answer: most manufacturers supply carpets with a dry soil protector. It obviously wears off with time; but acts as an initial protector for your carpets until the first cleaning job is performed. 

When can one begin to walk on the carpets?

Answer: it is advisable to avoid immense traffic on the carpet before it has completely dried but it is not prohibited to walk on the carpets if you are wearing clean shoes for stocking feet. 

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