How to Find and Hire the Best Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners can be machines that deliver a cleaning solution and scrub carpets clean.  These can be machines that you purchase and have to use when you feel necessary, or they can be rented machines for that thorough spring cleaning.  Carpet cleaning can also be done by services that will come to your house with special vans or trucks that have all the equipment needed to clean and in some cases dry your rugs.

If you choose to buy a carpet cleaning machine, then you can plan to budget from ninety to one hundred fifty dollars depending on the model and the capabilities of the machine.  If you want a portable unit, then you may need to invest less money, but you may have a bit more labor because of its size and capacity.  One Bissell model made it to the top of the list because it utilizes recycled plastic in the machine and earth friendly chemicals.  The only drawback seems to be with the suction.  The unit leaves the carpet a bit wet when finished.  If you are looking for a bigger machine that is reliable and does a nice job, then a Hoover SteamVac may suit your needs.  It will cost you one hundred fifty dollars or so and it is roughly the size of an upright vacuum, so if storage is your main concern, a smaller unit might be the best.

Not interested in buying the carpet cleaning supplies or going to rent a cleaning machine?  Consider doing a search for a local carpet cleaning service like Stanley Steamer or Sears. These companies will come with the cleaner and extractor mounted in their vans to clean and dry your carpets. Some advantages to this type of service is that there is only a one time cost for the cleaning, there is nothing to store in your house and the carpets are done in one afternoon. A disadvantage is that you have to pay around one hundred dollars for each cleaning instead of one time when buying the machine.  Another is you must be put on the schedule, so if they don't have a spot, you have to wait.

If you own your own machine, then carpet cleaning supplies are an extra and ongoing cost, as well. There are some chemicals that are biodegradable, have no detergents and even are unscented, but there are the traditional ones that blast the dirt and stains from the carpets with chemicals.  If you have children or pets, then the chemical cleaning may not be a great choice.  There are some good choices for the environmentally friendly cleaners.  Carpet cleaners often include recommended cleaning agents within the instruction booklet and other paperwork in the box. Some hardware stores may be of help, as well.  If your cleaning machine needs any scrubbing pads or brushes make sure to check the size before going to buy a replacement.

Carpet cleaners, whether it is a machine that you own or rent, or a service that comes to your house with a van-mounted cleaner, you can be sure that a deep cleaning can make them wear nicely.  Depending on how you want to invest in the cleaning, you can purchase a portable lightweight cleaner, or a cleaner that is an upright and can handle heavier stains. If you don't wish to struggle with a cleaning machine, you can call a service that will come and in and afternoon clean and extract your carpets so they are dry or nearly dry.  For a one time fee and no replacement parts, this could be the deal for you.

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