Some Quick Tips for Carpet Maintenance

Looking after your carpet is not really as difficult or time consuming as it seems. With some regular maintenance, your carpet should look good for years to come. To begin with, using mats at all entrances in your home is a great idea. When people enter, they can wipe their shoe soles on these mats. This way, most of the dirt from shoes will get collected in the mat. But remember to clean the entrance mats regularly. On the other hand, you could have a no-shoe policy in the house. Here are a few more.

Invest in a really good vacuum cleaner
Don't just rely on carpet sweepers. A quality vacuum cleaner gets rid of all the deeply imbedded dirt in carpets. A good vacuum also lengthens the life of your carpet.

Spillage is one of the most common ways that stain carpets for good
As soon as you notice a stain, try and blot as much of it as you can with a white paper towel initially. Never apply cleaners that are used for normal household use to clean the stain. They could create problems such as color bleeding, damage to the pile or rapid re-soiling. The important thing is to attend to spills as soon as possible.

Don't move around heavy furniture too often
This causes pile crushing. You could put coasters under the legs of tables and chairs. The use of coasters helps to balance out the weight of the furniture on the carpet.

Protect your carpet from direct sunlight
Use curtains, blinds or awnings. Long periods of exposure to sunlight could discolor your carpet.

Area rugs brighten up and enhance the room
But make sure to move and clean the rugs often. This restores the pile underneath. When you return the rug, make certain both the carpet and rug are dry.

Loss of some fiber is common with new carpets
This is called shedding or fluffing but it stops in time. Just be a little gentle with the vacuuming the first few weeks and clean the dust bag regularly.

Once a year you could get your carpet cleaned by professionals
A professional carpet cleaning service could help you get rid of different carpet stains and color changes and restore the original look of your carpet. It also helps in getting rid of allergy causing bugs.

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