Some Important Myths and Facts about Carpet Cleaning Busted

Nothing beats the beauty and comfort of wall to wall carpeting.  Once thought of as a luxury for the wealthy, it has come down in price to make it affordable for home homeowners: however, the cost to hire a carpet cleaner can be disheartening.

Although we recommend you hire a carpet cleaner to keep them in tip top shape, if it is something you cannot afford right now, we have a solution that can help. Purchase the right carpets and follow these simple tips to maintain the beauty of your carpet. But, don't fall for myths that will cause you to overpay.

Here are some common Carpet Related Myths and Facts

Myth 1 
Inexpensive carpets would save you money. This is a wrong notion as discounted carpets are typically made out of inferior quality material and are therefore less durable. You would realize this fact soon after you have bought them as the damages would start appearing within a few months.

Myth 2
Inexpensive padding can also save money. Wrong again! Cheap padding breaks down much faster than a good one. This would spoil the carpet prematurely and lead to unnecessary expenses. High quality padding would mean that the carpets enjoy a longer life than usual. Plus, it sure makes the carpet feel thicker.

Myth 3
Carpets that are a year or two old do not require cleaning. It is true that some carpets gather lesser dust than others, but this is a misconception that you do not require cleaning if your carpet is comparatively new. All carpets gather some amount of dust and grime that is invisible to the naked eye. It is very important to remove the dust as it may pose certain health hazards for your kids and other family members.

Myth 4
I can clean my carpet on my own and do not require any professional cleaning. This is a misconception that many people harbor. There are many things that a professional cleaner can do with the carpet that you cannot perform on your own. For example, a professional can pump water into the carpet and clean it too. They can also clean the mold or mildew that might have built up under the carpeted areas. For information on finding a carpet care professional, visit .

Myth 5
Carpets cleaning products are available easily at the grocery store and they are as good as the professional ones. Well! The only difference between the products that you would find at the grocery store and the professional ones is that the ones at the store might be cheaper and might eventually spoil your carpet. Your carpet requires special stain removal solutions that are available only with professionals. So it is better to contact a professional to do the job for you.

Besides the above, ensure that you vacuum your carpet at least a few times a week. This would help clear out all pollutants like animal hair, dust mites and pollen that settle down in most carpets. And yes, it would also help add a few more years to the life of your carpet.

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