How to have a carpet cleaned

In homes and office spaces, maintaining hygiene is important. You can mop and clean every other thing in the room but your carpet may retain germs, dirt, stains and the dust. You will need some helpful tricks to make your carpet look entirely new. Not only for it to look new, would the following tricks also help you in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness standards. But how to have your carpet cleaned is a mystery to many.

Trick #1: don’t rub the stains!

When you begin to clean the carpets on your own, you need to realise that rubbing the stains would not help you much. Instead, you should dab the stains with the cleaning solution. Use a paper towel, clean cloth or a sponge – whichever suits you best! The important part is dabbing and blotting. Rubbing can harm the fibres of your carpet and may even destroy its look, but dabbing helps in soaking the content of the stain and thus keep your carpets clean and in good condition.

Trick #2: take help of the shaving cream. 

Experts say that any shaving cream would help you get rid of literally any kind of stain! All you need to do is to apply the shaving cream on the stain and let it sit for about half hour to 45 minutes. Once the clock ticks to at least 30 minutes, blot it away with a dry white cloth – alas! Your carpet shall be as new as before. All clean.

As a finishing touch, spray the area with a 1:1 ratio solution of vinegar and water. Wipe the excess solution with a cloth and you are good to go. 

Trick #3: dishwashers, detergents and greases!

If your carpet has stubborn grease stains and they aren’t coming off, then use your dishwashing liquid to rid your carpets off the grease. Like the dishwashing liquids cut the oil and grease on your utensils, in the same way they will work on tour carpets as well. Dilute the liquid in a cup of water and fight that grease off!

Trick #4: befriend the hydrogen peroxide:

A few stains aren’t even like grease and still would not come off. Blood is one of them. It is incredibly visible and noticeable. All you need to do it to dampen the blood stain and soak the excess with cotton. Apply the hydrogen peroxide solution on the rest and see the blood stain coming off like magic!

Trick #5: freeze the dried gum off!

You may get a gum stuck on the fibres of your beautiful carpet. You don’t have to worry as yet! Go to the freezer and get an ice cube. Freeze the gum for 30 seconds before you pull out the glob with the spoon. If you still see excess of the gum left on the carpet, cut them out finely with a scissor and your carpet will look as neat as before.

 Trick #6: get a vacuum cleaner PLEASE! 

Get rid of the stains, build ups, greases, candies, gums and all other dirt materials and then perform a thorough deep cleaning exercise on the carpet. For this, you will need a vacuum cleaner. It shall take up all the dust from the carpet and make it look tidy. It is advisable to perform a vacuum cleaning job every week to ensure that the carpet does not retains excess dust. 

With each of the above mentioned tricks that would require you to put your personal endeavour as well as a lot of time, you may opt to hire carpet cleaning services to get the carpets cleaned less the hassle! Thank us later. 

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