What Is The Best Carpet Cleaner

The best carpet cleaner is the one that does the job efficiently and effectively, of course.  This can mean that it is through a service or by renting a machine to do the job yourself.  Locating the best carpet cleaner can take a bit of homework and price comparison.  Depending on the types of stains that are in the carpet, the type of cleaner may vary.  One that can clean general dirt from walking or wear and tear, or one that is a carpet cleaner for pet stains might be different machines or services.

A benefit of a service is that there is no work involved for you. The service comes with a truck and will be able to clean the rugs, possibly in a morning or an afternoon.  The workers usually will move the furniture and replace it so that you really cant tell if they had been there at all. Services like Stanley Steamer and Sears perform carpet cleaning and both seem to have decent reputations.  Both Sears and Stanley Steamer can be contacted online.  Quotes are based on square footage for Sears and based on the self-selected type of room for Stanley Steamer.  There appears to be no minimum for Sears, but the charge for three areas is ninety-nine dollars.  Stanley Steamer must have a minimum of one hundred dollars to come to your home, so choosing one room may cost you the same as it would for three areas with the Sears service.

However, with either of those services or private companies, you may have to wait until there is an appointment available to have the carpet cleaned.  If you find a carpet cleaner to rent, then you can begin right away.  Some cleaners are available at local stores and depending on what type of stains, a carpet cleaner to rent may be the best for the job.  Rug Doctor rents machines for both commercial and residential cleaning.  From twenty-five dollars a day and up, these can be a good choice.  The Rug Doctor has many outlets so finding the rental is not too hard.  While these machines can be heavy, they do a nice job on stains and some Rug Doctors have the units for sale, as well.

If your pet has made stains on your rugs, then finding a carpet cleaner for pet stains is your task.  Getting an enzymatic cleaner that eliminates odors from pets can add to the effectiveness of any cleaner.  Bissell is another name that is synonymous with cleaning and for pet stains it has some of the best reviews, too.  However, another familiar name in cleaning rugs, has some top-rated machines, also.

Renting a rug cleaner or hiring a service may not be for all.  Some people might want to purchase their own machines.  The cost can be as little as near one hundred dollars and can reach three hundred dollars.  If you find yourself investing in multiple cleanings, then purchasing a machine may make sense instead of paying for the rug cleaning services or renting machines often.

The best carpet cleaner is the one who will provide the best clean and that is easy for the user or the client, if a service is contracted.  A cleaner that washes, scrubs and extracts the water is the best whether it is from a service or a rental machine.  The carpets in your home will last longer with the proper cleaning and care.  From Stanley Steamer to Sears and renting a Rug Doctor machine or even purchasing a Bissell, there are some options to make your carpets look like new.

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