What Carpet Cleaner to Choose - Which is Best

One thing we all know is that carpets are different. They are made of different fibers, come in different textures and as such need to be cleaned in different ways. Selecting a carpet cleaner is not as simple as choosing the first person that offers you these services. If you want your carpet to have a longer life, you need to ensure that it is being given the care that it deserves. So how does one learn about selecting what carpet cleaner to choose.

Cleaning Method
Consider their cleaning method as well as the method that they will employ. The most popular method for carpet cleaning is the Hot Water Extraction. A large number of carpet manufacturers recommend this method. As such, when looking for a carpet cleaner, find out if they offer this or not. In addition to this, you should enquire about the type of equipment that they use. A good carpet cleaner should be comfortable with cleaning the type of carpet that you have.

Check for certification

As aforementioned, the method in which your carpet is cleaned could dictate whether it will last for a long time or it will succumb to wear and tear before its years. Carpet cleaners that are certified have gone through thorough training in this field. As such, they will be conversant with all types of carpets and know what would be the best way to handle your carpet. You could either ask the cleaning company to send you proof of their certification. Alternatively, you could look up the company with your local business bureau and check whether they have attained this certification.

Having your carpet cleaned should not break the bank. This is a necessary measure not only to keep your carpet looking great but to also ensure that your house is clean. Different companies will have different methods of charging or their services. When contemplating what carpet cleaner to choose, find out how they price their services. Some companies may charge you per the size of the carpet. Others may charge you depending on the amount of time that it will take. Compare the different prices before making a decision on what would be the most economical option for you. One thing to remember though is that the cheapest services may not necessarily be the best option. You also have to consider the quality of the services as well as the equipment that they will use.

Insurance and bonding
One of the most important things to ask about is whether the carpet cleaner you are contemplating is insured as well as bonded. Insurance is important in the event that your carpet is ruined during the cleaning process. If that was to happen, the carpet cleaner would be liable and they would have to reimburse you for the cost of buying a new carpet. In addition to this, in the event that you sustain an injury because the carpet was not dry enough and you happened to fall, the company would be liable for that too. On the other hand, an accident may happen and the carpet cleaner is injured during the cleaning process. If a company is not bonded and this occurs on your premises, you would be liable for the medical costs. As such, it is pertinent to ensure that when you are thinking of what carpet cleaner to choose that they are bonded.

The last thing to do when selecting a carpet cleaner would be to get references. This way you can make an informed decision on which companies are reputable in accordance to the work that they have done for previous clients.

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