Find out how to Remove Wax From a Carpet

Want to ind out how to remove wax from a carpet?  Most people avoid using candles because, well there are clearly better alternatives available in this new age, but, also because they leave of their waxy residual. Now sometimes, there are blackouts, or maybe you want to have a nice and warm ambience and you could achieve just that through candles. 

Some people are born to entertain and to feel good about spending their time by doing little decorative things like burning up candles. It does create a beautiful spectacle. So, do go on and enjoy those moments and let us give you tips on how you can remove the wax dripped onto your carpets. 

The removal process is quite easy and most households have materials available to do the cleaning. There are two general methods of cleaning. One is called cold cleaning and the other is referred to as hot cleaning. *Both these methods could also be used for wooden surfaces as will be mentioned below. 

Get the wax to freeze.

You can cool the wax by placing an icepack on it. Prevent the wax from getting wet by wrapping up the icepack within the towel. 

Start the scraping.

After you have frozen up the wax, you can scrape it off by a knife. Make sure that you scrape the wax off by a thin but not a sharp object. Use the blunt side of the knife for this. Or you can also use a credit card kind of material to remove it. You can get the wax residue out from the wooden surface by rubbing in some of the cream furniture wax. 

If you are able to remove all the wax then you should skip the following step. 

Prepare and iron the stain.

Cover the wax with a paper bag, or a terry-cloth towel or a paper towel. You should know the material of the carpet because you will have to set the temperature of your iron accordingly. You should not be using a steam setting. Start going over the (covered) wax with the iron. Repeat the procedure until you have removed all the wax. 

*Do the same as mentioned before for the wooden surfaces. 

You can use this method for clothes as well. Place a paper bag under the cloth and melt the wax. The wax will be transferred into the paper bag; repeat the process until you clear up all the wax. 

Clean the carpet.

After removing the wax, you will be left with a stain from it. Use a commercial carpet cleaner to get the stains out from the carpet. You can also rub alcohol on the stain. After that blot the carpet with a clean cloth. 


Get your carpet to look the same as before by vacuuming it; use an upholstery brush part to get better results. 

The essential trick is to scrape off as much wax as you can with a thin but not to sharp object and then melt away the residual wax from the carpet. The minute residues left after all that will be left when you have cleaned the carpet and vacuumed it dry. 

It is usually the large pieces that don’t present much of an issue but you will find the above tips quite helpful for when you have little chunks stuck onto your carpet while gathering dust on it. The above methods can be used to pull wax off from clothes, walls, wood surfaces or floors too. If you deal with it correctly, you can have a perfect looking carpet with not much of an effort and you will be able to get your carpet spotless and wax-free. 

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