Mobile Oil Change Business - A Fresh New Business Opportunity

<P>Starting a mobile oil change business and running it from your home can be a very profitable.  Most of the income will be generated through repeat business from loyal customers.  The mobile oil change is just the next step in the evolution of the business from mechanics to independent oil change shops to mobile home-based businesses.  </P> <P>Mobile oil changes offer added convenience for the customer.  Rather than waiting in a line of cars for your turn to get an oil change, the mobile oil change service comes to you and changes your vehicles oil while you are busy doing something else.  Many car and truck owners put off their oil changes because busy schedules do not allow them the extra 30 to 60 minutes to sit and wait while a mechanic changes their oil.  A mobile oil change service fixes this problem for customers.</P> <P>Getting started is pretty easy.  Mobile oil change equipment consists mainly of a car jack or ramp, drain pans, rags and drop cloths, and some basic tools.  You will also need an inventory of oil and oil filters.  As the business grows, you can add an inventory of windshield wipers, wiper fluid, and any other additional mobile oil change equipment into which you can afford to invest your profits.  </P> <P>Check with your local regulatory agencies for any licensing requirements.  A mobile oil change business is not usually subject to the same licensing requirements as a full service vehicle repair business.  Your local government might be interested in your plans for handling old oil, and will likely require you to register accordingly.  </P> <P>The life blood of a mobile oil changes business is the repeat customer.  Because oil needs to be changed a regular intervals, this businesses enjoy a large amount of repeat business from loyal customers.  Securing the business of commercial fleet accounts can also drive your top and bottom line with a large number of vehicles that must be serviced regularly.  In time, the business can be grown by adding other services.  Transmission fluid changes, coolant changes, and air filter changes are all services that can eventually be added.  </P> <P>Initial marketing to get the business going can be as simple as going door to door in neighborhoods or visiting businesses at strip malls and offering to perform an oil change on the spot.  Business cards and brochures will be needed to spread the word regarding your services.  A local printer should be able to design these for you.  </P> <P>As a local business, you will also need to set up a website for customers to find you.  Make sure your website has a mobile version, as many people will be looking for an oil change while they are on the go with their mobile devices.  You will also want to submit your business to local directories like Yelp.  </P> <P>Performing any kind of service on someones vehicle involves risk.  Business insurance is important.  Liability insurance will cover any possible damage to a customers vehicle due to a mistake, and you will also need to insure your business vehicle.  </P> <P>Transporting, storing, and disposing of used oil is governed by local laws and regulations. Learn about the local regulations, and consult with your state environmental protection agency.  A consultation with a business attorney will also help you stay in compliance with all applicable laws.  </P> <P>There are over 1 billion oil changes performed in the USA every year.  This is a huge opportunity. With people looking to fit more into their busy lives, a mobile oil change business can earn an impressive profit providing this much needed service in your area.</P>

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