What Are Top Administrative Executive Duties and Responsibilities

A top administrative executive should be able to handle situations that arise without the need to have a supervisor step in. The responsibilities of an administrative assistant are vast and include tasks such as scheduling, making crucial decisions when the executive is not available and presenting specific presentations and projects as well as assisting colleagues and clients. Administrative executive responsibilities may also include acting as a liaison between consultants, managers and executives during meetings. The administrative executive may also be required to stand in for the executive or represent the company during meetings which means they should always be prepared and present themselves in a professional manner.

Clerical duties may also be performed by the executive including filing, editing correspondences and retrieving reference materials and documents. The administrative executives resume should include the ability to create spread sheets to show financial information such as budgeting, data assembly and analysis, preparation of documents and reports and the implementation of procedures and policies. Strong communication skills and the ability to delegate responsibility are also important since an administrative executive will be responsible for a vast range of tasks in the office setting.

Clerical duties performed by an administrative executive include fielding incoming calls, screening visitors, recording and distributing of meeting minutes. Administrative executive responsibilities also include maintaining the file systems, faxing and copying as part of general office duties. The specific clerical skills required can vary if the company requires more complex duties to be performed. The ability to show leader ship is important in a top administrative executive since they will often be responsible for leasing agreements and travel arrangements that affect the company the ability to negotiate is important.

Those seeking to hire an administrative executive should be clear in the job expectations and qualifications expected. The administrative executives resume should be examined thoroughly and all experience, education and employment background verified. The one chosen for the job should have more than the basic office skills in order to run the office since they are more than a mere support system. A background in a supervisory role is helpful since part of the job is to delegate responsibility to others and manage operations without help of an immediate supervisor at times.

The ability to learn quickly is also important to possess as an administrative executive since there are often new office systems and computer programs to learn as they are put in place. Standing in for an executive to give a presentation or handle a business meeting can require that they deal with unfamiliar skills. The ability to comprehend and present new material is vital to being a successful administrative executive.

Locating an administrative executive for the company requires setting specific criteria based on the company's needs. The job description should include the desired skills, educational and experience levels in order to ensure only those that meet the qualifications apply for the job. A background check will further narrow the field. Interviews and employee screenings will help to ensure that the best candidate is chosen to meet the needs of the company on an administrative level since this person will be responsible for all ensuring all administrative tasks are performed correctly.

The top administrative executive in the company will be responsible for vast clerical and managerial duties including the supervision of other administrative staff to ensure that work is done in a timely and efficient manner. Organizational skills are among the most important for an administrative executive to possess as they will be required to handle the filing of important documents, schedule meetings and often put together entire presentations for the organization that employs them.

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