How To Start A Vending Machine Business

<P>Vending machine companies make some terrific money these days, and its no wonder, with the remarkable evolution of the vending machine.  Back in the day, they dispensed candy for a quarter or, if one was lucky enough to be a New Yorker, sandwiches at the automat (a big vending machine-filled building, like a Laundromat but with food).   </P> <P>Now, vending machines can dispense entire meals in addition to washing clothes, taking photos or giving internet time.  Vending machine companies place them everywhere on college campuses, inside   malls (particularly between stores and in some arcades and food courts) and, just as in the old days, outside of local businesses.   </P> <P>A smart and savvy vending machine entrepreneur can make out like a bandit (one-armed, if one has the propensity, cash and licenses for gambling vending machines), and the steps to creating a vending machine venue are quite simple.  </P> <P>In creating a vending machine venue, one usually finds very little cash outlay is needed at the outset.   The first step, however, is to research vending options in ones own area (its far cheaper to start a business of this nature locally, and the initial creation of the venue, with its heavy machines and heavier shipping charges, practically demands it.   This is the equivalent of finding ones own niche on the internet, except its in the concrete world of vending and vendors.  </P> <P>The next step, having researched local possibilities, is to determine ones own niche.  Developing vending machine customers depends to a large extent on what one is selling, and how high the demand for it is; in fact, developing vending machine customers should be the least of ones worries if one has the right products.  </P> <P>Just to get some ideas, consider some of the types of vending machine businesses.   The biggest and most popular venue at the moment is food and drink, and the current craze is for healthier food products, particularly for schools.  One could pioneer the drive to replace soda machines (which government mandates will take away eventually anyway) with healthier food and drink options, all dispensed right on the middle school, high school or college campus.  </P> <P>Fitness centers and community gathering places are seeing a big upswing in membershipwhat types ofvending machine businesses might profit here?  Energy drinks are the first product to spring to most peoples minds (and theres seldom a gym or community center that doesnt offer such refreshments), but one can extend the idea to fiber and supplement bars, energy pill combinations and, in some cases, gym souvenirs and clothing (socks or towels).  </P> <P>The venue is limited only by the imagination, since vending machines can be set up at restaurants (many of whom are now offering fine-cigar and tobacco products in their foyers), ice cream and pizza parlors (selling novelty items if food and drink vending machines arent welcome), hotels (tourist and over-night stay essentials such as toothpaste and razors), thrift stores and movie theaters.</P> <P>Once the need is identified, its time for the pitch: one presents the idea for ones vending machines to the owners of the establishments.  If the research done has been good and viable, the owners should rise to the offer without difficulty. </P> <P>After that, its a matter of contacting reputable suppliers for vending machines (one should buy used to start, and make sure a reliable repairman is handy), and purchasing wholesale items such as toys, snakes, beverages or novelty products for ones vending machines.  </P> <P>Then its simply a matter of setting up in the right venue, offering the products at inexpensive prices, and maintaining the area and machines.   </P> <P>That&#39;s the basic model all beginning vending machine companies use; its tried and true, as well as lucrative for the right entrepreneur.</P>

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