How Denture Labs Make Your Dentures

<P>Denture Labs are the places that create dentures, false teeth, for patients.  These can be a total sent of teeth or a top or bottom set made at different times. A denture lab technician fashions the dentures to the exact measurements from the dentist.  Dentures that are made exactly to the measurements and specifications by the dentist should fit a patient perfectly and cause few problems for the person who wears them. Economy dentures are the most affordable type of dentures selected.  Since they require the least amount of work to fit, the denture lab fees associated with this type of denture might be less than other types.</P> <P>Denture Labs are found all over the country.  Small ones and large labs can handle different amounts of work.  Some are affiliated with certain dentists, oral surgeons or with chains of dentists like Aspen Dental.  These labs then would work on dentures from only the dentists that they are contracted with them.  If the lab has enough to do with only the chain dentists, then it is unlikely that they will contract with other dentists. </P> <P>Many labs are businesses interested in making a profit while providing the service of crafting dentures, so they set the fees to make dentures for the dentists.  Some labs provide a fee schedule based on the type of dentures, partial and full sets, the material that they are made of and how much work it will take to do specific lab tasks.  That way you, as the patient, can even go onto their website and look at the denture lab fees for the dentures that you want to get.  Part of the fees associated with the lab work has to do with the denture lab technician.  (S)he fashions the dentures to make them look natural and are functional.  Work with waxes, metals and other materials and sophisticated equipment takes training and practice, but to create devices that are attractive is really an art.  The lab must pay the salaries for the technicians and also must pay for the equipment in the lab.  Without the right machines and instruments, the lab wouldnt be able to offer the caps, brides, veneers and dentures that people want.</P> <P>Dentures are comprised of the base plate, the bite rim, setup and finish.  The full set of economy dentures might be around three to four hundred dollars.  The base plate, bite rim and setup and finish are all included in higher priced dentures as well, but what really adds to the cost is the types of teeth that are available to go on the base plate.  </P> <P>Denture Labs are located all across the country.  From the larger labs to small ones that only work with local dentists, they all share one thing in common: they craft your replacement teeth.  The lab technicians take pride in making teeth that you can be proud of and that fit your mouth well. Some contract with just private dentists while others only do the labs for the large chain dentists.  Since each lab is independent, they can all set their own prices.  Most labs have a website and their fee schedules are posted on it.  From the economy dentures to higher models, the dentures are created in the same way.  The teeth are different in the higher priced dentures.  Before ordering any dentures discuss how they will fit and what the advantages or disadvantages of each are for the prices.  That way, you can make an informed decision about the dentures that you purchase.  Once the decision is made you can smile because, well, because you can.</P>

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