Sports Medicine - Careers and Salary

<P>It goes without saying that there is a great need for the nation to become physically active. At current day and age, the level of activity in sports and exercise has become quite a notable effort. In the same line of thinking, there should be matching effort in providing specialised treatment for the individuals into sports and exercise. This is generally the base for sports medicine. In previous years, injuries related to sports and exercise where handled by general practitioners. However, a niche has been created in this field with the rising level of activities among professional sports persons as well as recreational sports people. </P> <P>When it comes to sports and medicine, there are various levels of qualifications and careers that you can engage in. One of the basics of being in this field is a medical degree. Being that you are going to deal with the health of an individual in relation to the physical activities, you will first need to have a medical degree. As a matter of specialisation, you can get a diploma or a Masters in science in the specialty of sports and exercise medicine. Other individuals who easily qualify to practice sports and exercise medicine are physicians who have specialised in orthopaedics, rheumatology, and A&E.</P> <P>When it comes to sports medicine, there are various other key players involved and definitely career opportunities for individuals interested in the field. As a certified athletic trainer/therapist, you can gain the skills in the care and prevention of athletic injury. These individuals work closely with the team physician in providing health care in physical activities for athletes. They play the role of taking immediate on-field emergency management of injuries and are actively involved in designing the rehabilitation plan of an athlete from injury back to the field.</P> <P>The physician is a key player when it comes to sports and exercise medicine. This is the individual who plays the lead role in the long term management of health care in physical activity. They are also available for emergencies as well. The physician focuses on offering healthcare to the individuals based on medical and physical history. The physician treats injuries as well as the chronic illnesses that arise from the injuries or affect performance in the individual such as asthma. Most of the injuries and conditions handled in sports and exercise medicine include muscoskeletal injuries.</P> <P>When it comes to shaping a career in this field of medicine, it is usually a matter of individual effort and assertion. It is only until the 20th century when this field of medicine was recognized as a valid branch of human medicine. Therefore, there is a lot of opportunity for an individual to stand out as a professional in this area. Relatively, the salary enjoyed by a professional in sports and exercise medicine varies depending on the career path they choose for themselves.</P> <P>You can either work as a consultant or own a private practice where individuals who have suffered sports injuries or require management for improved physical activity can go to. Private practice can be very rewarding but only if you get a loyal client base for your practice. You can also work as a team physician for athletic teams and sports entities. The amount of earnings will greatly depend on the team budget. Working with internationally renowned sports clubs will earn you more than working with local accredited teams.</P> <P>Sports medicine has a lot to offer as a career path. However, the passion you have for doing something will guide how successful it is. Therefore, if you really love what you do, the rewards will be forthcoming.</P>

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