How to Find a Physician Assistant Position

<P>Physician assistant jobsare gaining popularity and more training programs and schools have been established. This rapid growth is projected to continue.  With a thirty percent increase in jobs predicted from 2010 to 2020, this is a field of medicine that could definitely be worth exploring.  A physician assistant, also known as PA, is a trained medical professional that is able to examine patients, diagnose and care or treat injuries and many illnesses.  (S)he may also be able to provide treatment in such cases as cancer and perhaps diabetes. While these duties are typically thought of as adoctor’s role, a PA performs those tasks under the supervision of physicians and surgeons.</P> <P>This profession has become a valuable addition to the medical field.  In 1972, the Association of Physician Assistant Programs was established.  Its purpose was to bring educational opportunities and information essential to the profession to its membership in a timely manner.<BR>This professional organization continues to be strong and active today.  In 2005, a vote to change the name to the Physician Assistant Education Association, or the PAEA occurred. The PAEA continues its mission to support the physician assistants today with a dynamic website that offers program information, location of those schools and much more. </P> <P>To begin your searchfor physician assistant programs in your area you should start with the PAEA resources. On their website, you can search for programs in any state and you can, through a central application process, fill out one application for multiple participating programs.  This can save a good deal of time once you have your list of schools that you wish to apply.</P> <P>Once you have narrowed down the list of physician assistant schools that you are interested in, you can finally begin to choose the best one for you.  Whether it is a school like Duke University or Northeastern University, or a newer addition, like ChathamUniversity; you can whittle the list to location, rank and perhaps tuition.  Check each school for entrance requirements and deadlines for testing or prerequisites that may affect or alter the application process. For example, some schools have the prospective students work through an internship with a doctor to have some experience before they are accepted into the program, even if they have the science background and are ready for the course load.<BR>.<BR>The fact that the time spent in school and training for a physician assistant position is much shorter than that of a doctor, could potentially mean that a wider audience of potential students may be interested.  The programs generally run for about two years as a full time student.  Some more good news is that most of the graduates in 2011 were able to find a position within six months of graduation.</P> <P>In this quietly growing profession, it doesn’t appear that there will be much difficulty in finding physician assistant jobs.  Also, with the growing list of physician assistant schools that provide training and continuing education opportunities, there should be one that is nearby, affordable and that offers classes that you need.</P> <P>Physician assistant jobs continue to be available and PAs are well respected members of treatment teams in doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics.  Steady growth is expected in this profession in the next decade and there are already many schools and programs dedicated to training the PAs of tomorrow. As medicine evolves, this position appears well placed to evolve with it. If the medical practice is especially large, and you are basically healthy, you may know the PA in the practice better than your doctor.  Many people trust the diagnosis that their PA makes as much as one from their doctor.</P>

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