What Are Good Interviewing Questions?

<P>The list of good interview questions is subjective. Each company is going to have a different purpose and goal in mind when hiring a new employee, and so their idea of good interviewing questions will be different from another company&#39;s. One of the best strategies you can employ when it comes to determining good interview questions to ask is to ask questions about a person&#39;s prior job performance. Add some situational interviewing questions in there to evaluate a candidate&#39;s decision making skills, and you will be well on your way to finding out if a potential employee is going to be a good fit for your business. </P> <P>Here are 5 examples of good interviewing questions to ask:</P> <P>1) How about those ________ (insert sports team name here)?</P> <P>An interview should begin with a nonthreatening icebreaker question. Asking this kind of question is going to calm an applicant&#39;s nerves, and it will build a sense of rapport between the interviewer and the candidate. Let&#39;s say an interview takes about an hour to conduct. Then you should try to devote at least ten minutes of the interview to getting to know your applicant. When he or she feels at ease, they are going to provide more honest answers to your interviewing questions.</P> <P>2) What is it that you find interesting about this position/company?</P> <P>In terms of good interview questions to ask, this one is an old standby. Its purpose is to provide you with info regarding how a candidate feels about your company. Asking an interviewee how they feel about the position will give you insight into their driving motivations. A personal answer to this type of question is going to indicate trust, and this could translate into an employee who will be loyal to your business.</P> <P>3) Let&#39;s say our company decides to hire you. What is going to be the most important item on your to do list on that first day?</P> <P>If you are looking for good interviewing questions that are situational, this one is a great one to ask. It is a behavioral question that is going to serve a dual purpose. It will assess a candidate&#39;s judgment, and it will also provide insight into their thought processes. These good interview questions also throw a candidate a slight curveball, which will allow you to see if they are going to show priorities that are important to your business.<BR> <BR>4) What made you choose this line of work as a career?</P> <P>These kinds of good interview questions to ask are going to enable you to evaluate the fit between an interviewee&#39;s values and your company culture. You might have to listen to a longwinded, drawn out answer, but it&#39;s going to provide you with insight to values and motivations. Ideas like value and culture are subjective terms, but you should be looking for a candidate that has motivations that are similar to those of your company.</P> <P>5) That&#39;s enough about you. What do you know about us?</P> <P>Finally, we reach the last of the interviewing questions. The purpose of these good interview questions is to find out whether or not an applicant has done their homework regarding your business. If a candidate does not ask questions about your company during the interview process, then it&#39;s a pretty fair assumption that they are not all that enthusiastic about this position. Be on the lookout for a candidate that ask insightful questions and whom demonstrates an understanding of the position, your company, and what the competitive landscape of your industry entails.</P>

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