Tips For Starting A Home Repair Service

<P>Starting a home repair service is a great and inexpensive way for someone who is handy with tools to earn some extra income.  For an investment of about $2000, you can get all the tools and equipment you need to handle virtually any household repair job.  The advantages are that you can work full or part time and run the business from your home.  Not only will you be provided much needed services in your community, you will also be saving people money.</P> <P>In the United States, people spend over $40 million a year on home repair and maintenance, indicating that this is a niche that will not disappear anytime soon.  While some people prefer to do their own home repairs, todays busy lifestyle leaves many with little time for these tasks.  Homeowners are hiring people to perform even easy tasks that they simply cannot find the time to complete any more.  This lack of time for homeowners means easy profits for home repair services.  </P> <P>The market for home repair consists mostly of homeowners.  Owners and operators of smaller apartment buildings and condominium complexes who do not have maintenance personnel are another possible marketing target.  Real estate agents also often hire home repair services to make vacant properties ready for sale or to help them maintain single family properties that they manage.  </P> <P>Home repair services for seniors who are also homeowners can provide a great business opportunity.  Many seniors are homebound, yet not physically capable of handling even the most basic household repairs.  Providing home repair services for seniors can be personally fulfilling by helping seniors to continue living independently.  Preparing a special monthly repair services contract for senior clients will give them and their families the assurance that someone will be on call to help them when needed, and can provide you with much needed income when times get tough.  </P> <P>To get your home repair service started, target the neighborhoods in your area with fliers that contain contact information and detail your services.  Place the fliers under door mats or use door hangers.  NEVER place them in a mail box that is a violation of federal law.  Fliers can also be effective for targeting small businesses and apartment managers.  To contact real estate agents, see if there is a service that specializes in delivering fliers and memos to the agents in your area.  Otherwise, you can visit the offices personally.  One flier delivery will not be enough.  To be effective, you will need to canvass the area on a regular basis, about once every month.  </P> <P>To protect yourself and your new business, you will need to prepare a standard home repair service contract.  Templates for a home repair service contract can be found on line, or you can contact a small business attorney and pay them to draft a standard contract that outlines both your responsibilities and liabilities.  Having a professionally drafted contract gives prospective clients the impression that you are a responsible member of the business community.  </P> <P>The initial capital investment for starting a home repair service is very reasonable.  Many states require repair businesses to acquire a contractors license.  Check with your local small business administration to be sure.  Getting bonded is important as well.  Other than that, you will need the typical tools and equipment for any repair person hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, a flashlight, a ladders, and cordless equipment life saws and drills.  A cell phone is also important so clients can get in touch with you, and can be deducted as a business expense if you have a cell phone dedicated to the business.</P>

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