How Can You Learn Cake Decorating?

<P>Have you ever wanted to learn the art of cake decorating?  If you look at a birthday or a wedding cake and think about how much fun it would be to create the beautiful and tasty work of art, then maybe you could learn how through cake decorating classes.</P> <P>Cake decorating techniques are even offered online and on some packages of cake decorating supplies, like pastry bags.  If you buy any Wilton cake molds or decorating tips, then there are ideas included on the package and their website is a good source of ideas for all sorts of occasions.  Part of the key to good decorating is to have creative ideas that make the cakes, cupcakes or sheet cakes offer something special.  The inspiration for great cakes can be found with the person or people with whom you are celebrating. A special anniversary cake with a Niagara Falls theme reflects the couple that married in a barrel thirty years ago, or the seven year old hockey fan could really be excited about a slap shot cake.  The idea helps you to consider the types of decorating that is needed. How much is created by frosting or candy and how much might be the placement of plastic or cloth items.  </P> <P>Cake decorating classes can be useful for both the beginner and the expert because it allows the decorator to practice techniques step by step and to perfect their techniques before it really counts.  A beginner class may start with the real basics about baking a perfect cake and then exploring the different types of icing like butter cream. Learning about the tools that will help you make the pretty flowers and other designs will be included in an introductory class as well.  Depending on where you take your class, the techniques might vary a bit, but the key is to have patience with yourself, a steady hand and to have fun with the classes.  Some classes may include some cake decorating supplies in the cost of the class, but not all will.  Make sure to check out the required supplies needed for the class that you pick so that you dont have any surprises when you get to the class or when you get billed for it.</P> <P>If you have limited time to spare taking a class, or there isnt one offered conveniently located near you, then an online course might be more suitable for you.  With step-by-step instructions, photos and sometimes even videos, there are experts ready to give you personal attention and instruction.  Some classes are as little as thirty-five dollars and for some of the options; you can even earn a certificate. For those who need continuing education credits for a license, these classes may count for credit since they offer a certificate to those who have a passing grade.</P> <P>Cake Decorating is an artistic expression that can make an occasion something quite memorable.  Learning basic techniques can be done online, through books or pamphlets and also by attending a class or a series of classes.  Practicing the methods can make you appear quite professional even if you only know the basics.  Use your steady hand, creative ideas and love for baking to make masterpieces that will bring smiles and joy to many.  Just make sure that you take a picture because with your new baking and decorating talent, the cake or cupcakes will most certainly disappear before the candles are removed.  Working with frosting can be great fun, but just make sure that you dont lick your fingers while you work.  You can eat your mistakes, though.</P>

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