Working as a Nurse Practitioner

<P>The medical field as we all know is rapidly on the rise and a nurse practitioner position is one of the rising stars in the medical field. Some facilities such as hospitals, walk-in clinics, and doctor offices might be where you find your niche.  Becoming a well-trained professional that has a great way with patients can be the best way to become a favorite of patients and coworkers alike.</P> <P>As far as the nurse practitioner job description, you are going to be performing evaluations of new patients, and taking vitals and even possibly an EKG or an EEG among several other things.  Youll be taking part in X-Rays, lab work, and even performing certain procedures such as wound care. </P> <P>There are about twenty-five states in which a Nurse Practitioner can administer patient medications, and you might come across instances where you will be talking to patient families and loved ones about the health and condition of the patient.</P> <P>The retail clinics, like those in CVS, often employ a nurse practitioner and have a doctor who consults with her because it can keep the costs down for patients.  This career path is a bit new, but it gives you autonomy that perhaps other clinics and doctors offices may not.</P> <P>There are some practitioners that will venture out on their own. Their practice will be for minor care and not be affiliated with a store clinic.  If you have an understanding of business, this might be the road for you, but make sure that you do some homework so that you can be successful.</P> <P>There are several people that wonder what the difference is between a nurse practitioner and a physicians assistant. A practitioner has a Masters degree and they also have more clinical experience which gives them the ability to diagnose certain illnesses. This is going to require about 6-8 years of schooling.</P> <P>A physicians assistant has the training to offer therapeutic, diagnostic, and even preventative care to patients as directed by the doctor. They can order labs and X-rays and they also carry out certain therapies. So what is the difference between a nurse practitioner and a physicians assistant? There really is a fine line but a physicians assistant does have more knowledge and they are found more working directly under the doctor if not by themselves. </P> <P>The nurse practitioner job description may appear to be ever changing, but instead of feeling overwhelmed seek more training. Since a nurse practitioner can do a great deal, there is a great deal expected of her.  If the pace seems too much in your capacity, then keep your eye open for other opportunities in a smaller doctors office or perhaps a clinic rather than the busy metropolitan hospital.</P> <P>In general when someone is hiring a nurse practitioner they will want you to have some extensive training, but also to be willing to do the work that is needed in that particular practice or hospital. Asking good questions before accepting a position can serve you well.</P> <P>The salary of a nurse practitioner can be as high as $75,000, depending on the training you have and the experience that you have. This can be somewhat higher or lower based on your job duties, state you are working in, or other factors. So hiring a nurse practitioner directly out of school may mean that the position will pay less than a seasoned professional will get. But by offering the best care and becoming a trusted advisor to your patients, you will see your salary go up, your confidence increase and your patient caseload might rival the doctor.</P>

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