What is Bartering and How to Barter Online

What is Bartering? Bartering is commonly referred to as the exchanging (or swapping) of  goods or services for other goods and services without using money.  It is an effective way of increasing sales, conserving cash, moving inventory, and making use of excess production capacity for businesses.

Imagine, for instance, if you were a painter and had all the necessary tools, skills and equipment to paint a home or business, but no clients for the next 2 weeks. Similarly, there is a printer in your area that has the equipment, staff and skill to print banners, flyers, mailers and other marketing materials for virtually nothing; yet, he too is lacking clients to keep his business fully operational.

Here is where bartering can come into play and benefit BOTH businesses.

The painter can paint the home or business of the printer during his "downtime" in exchange for the printer printing thousands of marketing materials for the painter to help him grow his business. Each is turning their "unused resources" into value. The question then becomes how can you find local businesses willing to barter or trade services with you?

That is easy thanks to SmartGuy.com.  In seconds, you can view profiles of  thousands of businesses, many in your area that would consider bartering or trading services.

Unlike barter exchanges which charge fees and require businesses to buy trade credits, SmartGuy is not a barter exchange and is free to use. It only displays service and business professionals who might consider trading services with you. It is up to  both parties whether they wish to trade services with each other and negotiate services and costs.

Bartering is one of the fastest growing segments of SmartGuy with hundreds of new businesses joining each week, many wishing to barter with other local companies. Here are a general list of the barter categories to select from: Non Profit, Auto, Business, Entertainment, Electronics, Financial, Home-Related, Hotels / Motels, Legal, Medical, Office, MLM / Home Businesses, Other, Outdoor, Personal Care, Physicians, Real Estate, Restaurants, Shopping, Sports and more!

If you haven't tried bartering with other local businesses yet, give it a try. It's fun and can be very profitable.

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