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Exclusive Business Network

Looking for customers/clients? SmartGuy is one of the fast growing exclusive business
networks in the world, currently managing over 11,000 exclusive city business referral networks.

Membership is limited to only one professional per category within every city, allowing each
business professional the ability to gain exclusive leads from both consumers
and fellow local referring members.

Made for the Modern Small Business Professional

SmartGuy understands that today’s small business professional is focused on
growing their business - not attending weekly breakfasts, meetings or other secondary
activities that take them away from their work. For this reason, SmartGuy seeks the best
1,500 businesses (one per category) within every city of the world and connects them
together in massive city business referral networks.

SmartGuy’s innovative turnkey system helps its members attract customers, generate more
, increase their visibility and develop local powerful business relationships.


The SmartGuy® team has spent many years and thousands of hours on programming to create the most powerful and easy-to-use professional web page for your business. Once you add your business information, SmartGuy® automatically creates your editable web page and connects it directly to SmartGuy® for maximum search engine results. With a smart design, your new SmartGuy® web page makes it easy for consumers to see who you are, what you're offering and provide a compelling reason to contact you right away - leading to higher conversion rates. Each web page has fields for videos, photos, business description, mapping, discounts, links to another website, links to social networks, hours of operation, links to reviews and more.


It is a well-known fact that referrals are the highest quality lead you can get. They are trusted, recommended and yield the highest closing ratio. The difficulty is the time and effort it takes to generate a large list of local quality referral partners. But, not anymore. Instantly after signing up, SmartGuy® aligns you with up to 1,500 other highly-rated businesses, that share a win-win philosophy. Each agrees to provide great service and refer each other whenever possible. With tons of local referral partners already in most cities, and new businesses joining each day, SmartGuy® provides you the ability to walk into an exclusive position as the only professional in your category of what will become the largest and most powerful business referral network in your city.


When joining SmartGuy®, you are automatically added to the local SmartGuy® local consumer directory, as the only professional in your category. Millions of consumers have visited SmartGuy® searching for quality professionals, and now they can find you. Consumers love this easy-to-use alphabetical list by industry of local SmartGuy® members who agree to provide great service, many with a special or discount. It is available online on each SmartGuy® City Business Network, as well as advertised on various social networks and media channels. Many consumers print it, email it, share it on their favorite social networks, place it on the refrigerator or simply keep it in a drawer for when they need a local professional.


Why do we automatically list you in First, it will increase your businesses visibility in search results, leading to improved traffic quality and quantity. Second, It provides greater credibility for your business amongst search engines and consumers. LocalProfessionals® is one of three planned consumer directories that your business will be listed in. It is designed to drive consumers directly to SmartGuy® members - others in development include: SearchaPro® and FindaLocalBusiness®. Search engines respect business directories like LocalProfessionals®, and businesses that appear there often earn the trust of search engines, which leads to higher rankings and attracts more local customers to their website. This in turn also allows search engines to learn more about the business and increases the odds of the business appearing in search results.


In an effort to quicken your path to success, SmartGuy® has recently created massive industry specific business networks. These communities are excellent places to learn, ask questions, share relevant content and collaborate with other professionals in your industry from around the world. Not only are they a great place to share and celebrate successes with each other but serve as massive think tanks. SmartGuy® is in the process of adding industry professionals within each category to add additional training, content and courses to each industry group that will only be available to members of the specific SmartGuy® industry group. Once you join, you will gain immediate access.


Fresh relevant content is important to the effective ranking of any website. The algorithm of search engines are constantly monitoring websites for information that is useful and relevant to the user performing the search. The more often you provide this, the more often they might crawl it and rank your website higher. SmartGuy® helps you do just that with its innovative SEO boosting article widget. Simple add this line of HTML code to the bottom of your website and begin displaying high ranking SmartGuy® articles titles with minimal text.


It has been long said that with information comes power. It is for this reason that SmartGuy® provides its members basic real-time tracking of visitors to its member pages. How many people visited your SmartGuy® webpage in the last 24 hours? The last 7 days? The last month? This tracking information can assist you in determining the effectiveness of your efforts. The SmartGuy® interactive tracking tool is working 24/7 and is always available! Simply login to see individual impressions on each of your businesses.


You already know that virtually all searches for local professionals begin online right? Imagine how great it would be if you could get your business on the top of major search engines instantly, without expensive pay-per-click charges or banner fees. Well, now it’s possible, because of your automatic placement onto SmartGuy® high ranking articles. Many of these over 1,000 articles are already on the first page of search engines for keyword phrases your customers search for every day! SmartGuy® automatically links your SmartGuy® webpage on all SmartGuy® articles in your category and continues to exclusively add you onto new related articles instantly as they are released.

Cost to Join

SmartGuy seeks proactive small business professionals, who are willing to provide quality service and refer other
members whenever possible. The value of being connected to up to 1500 quality referring businesses is worth a fortune!
Therefore, it is our goal in every city to exclusively connect our members with up to 1,500 other referring businesses
in their city in a true synergy of success. To increase the growth within every city, SmartGuy has adopted an
incremental sign up process that rewards those that sign up first.

If you are the 1-24 business to sign up in your city,
you pay only $9.95 per month for the first year (month-to-month)

If you are the 25-50 business to sign up in your city,
you pay only $39.95 per month for the first year (month-to-month)

If you are the 51-over business to sign up in your city,
you pay only $69.95 per month for the first year (month-to-month)

Act fast, once your category is taken in your city - it’s gone.

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